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[Pinned] What Should I Put In My Support Ticket?

Most of us have at one time or another submitted a Support Ticket, requesting help with some aspect of the game.There are a lot of little things that we don't always think about including, because, to us they seem unimportant or self explanatory.*...
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Help Tickets/Bug Reports

[Pinned] Can not connect to server!!!!!!

Ok folks seeing I sound like broken record I'll also put it here on the forums for everyone to see.1. If you load your launcher and you don't see any server status but do on the website that means you have a temp block for the game server.2. Try t...
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Help Tickets/Bug Reports

[Pinned] SwgRogueOne Rules and Policies

SWG RogueOne Rules and Policies - READ THEM HERE
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Help Tickets/Bug Reports

[Pinned] Link for Help Ticket Submission

To submit a ticket for help or for a bug please goto this link HERE
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Help Tickets/Bug Reports


If you look to your right you will notice a box that says "Create Game Account" and in that box you will notice a link that says "Account Creation" I would say that's where you might want to start.But here is the link anyways "Account Creation"
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Help Tickets/Bug Reports

up command not working

Hi guys this is Shamm, just to notify you that im having issues with my up command except for the radial, that one does work.My macro was working earlier, but now it just gives me a message please name the object etc etc. help would be very apprec...
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