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[Pinned] SwgRogueOne Rules and Policies

To All PlayersDo not discuss, advertise, or link other servers (other than SWG RogueOne) or their respective forums on our social media pages or groups, or our forums. Such posts will be deleted and persons that posted them removed.If you break an...
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Sidious - DEV116Small Sidious - DEV 6d
Wish list

Duel Wielding weapons

Lets face it the only thing i personally feel that swg was lacking was the duel wielding of weapons, pistols, Swords, lightsabers, ect , things that could be duel wielding.just a wish =D
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Brice167Small Brice 19h
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Blackhole Stormtrooper Armor & Stormtrooper Armor Rank Pauldrons

Late in the NGE I think it was, with the city invasions game update they added in the blackhole stormtrooper armor, and some kind of white stormtrooper armor with pauldrons.was hoping maybe one day we could earn these from imp recruiters for facti...
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Vlu Dagoth2263Member avatar small nolan123frog 24h
Wish list


- Players can place a bounty on any target that kills them,- Missiontarget visible on overviewscreen (no longer needed to look in the missiondetail),- Maintainance can be payed with bank and cash,
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Building Bonus as a sub-component + vendor area

Building Bonus:Was wondering if it would be possible to do something similar with Architect (possible miner master) as you can with Tailor+BE.So some prof could create the bonus modifier as a component : +5 exp/+10 assembly etc, and then a archite...
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Wish list

New Weapons

Acid Launcher Riflebounty Hunder double barelled De10Elite RifleKilo Ren Style Light saber HiltAlliance Needler PistolLauncher Carbine
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Coscks6433Small Coscks 5d
Wish list

Creature Handler Breeding

that would be cool if we could breed certain tamed pets, to create babies from thems, like dog farms irl.
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Coscks497Small Blender 8d
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Wishes for the new server (post wipe)

Server wipe, eeek. I do understand the need for a wipe and fully support the devs in their decision. They must do what they have to do to make the game stable.There are a few things that I hope can be put back the way they were without any negativ...
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How about a little love for Commando?

I used to love playing my Mando but it is just so lacking nowadays and i feel like so much more could be done with it!The post Below highlights a few of the issues associated with commando and some possible fixes.
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Bulldawg8549Member avatar small copperjedi 18d
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Perma Special Forces for jedi

since is an advanced class, and its supposed to be hard work to do it, i would like to ask that jedi will be overt permanently.the truth is the server lacks pvp, since order 66 is to kill every jedis on sight, it would be a normal thing that jedis...
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Coscks16755Small Thornes 20d
Wish list

Greater Sludge Panther from a new planet (high stats/armor)

Would be pretty cool to tame one that's like 65 CL with med/heavy armor
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Constantine193Member avatar small Constantine 21d
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Regarding Vet Rewards

I would love to see the time between rewards shortened from 90 day intervals to 30 day intervals. I know it seems like a lot to be rewarded monthly, however when you look at the big picture in order to get to the maximum Vet Reward one would have ...
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Dez1105Small Dez 21d
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Vehicules and Droids decay

These 2 professions have currently very few revenue streams outside of customization kits.It sounds 'normal' that droids and vehicules should decay/lower condition over time/usage like weapons and armors. How fast and which exacts condition TBD
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Jabba Skiff & other NGE Buildings - Poor Lighting

I have been working on decorating the Jabba Skiff, but holy smokes it's pitch black in there. I have put in several lights but they are really very insignificant.Some other NGE buildings are like this as well, the Sandcrawler, Sith Meditation Room...
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Dez11390Small Dez 23d
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IDea ... House Packup

This was in the Sony game ... where one could pickup an existing house WITH the items that are in it, and place it somewhere else.
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mapache8578Small Ofee 24d
Wish list

Bazar and Vendor search

I would love to see a keyword search for Bazar and Vendor items to ease the need to scroll entire sub sections for listings.Thanks for allowing suggestions!!!
Small Gyros 24d
Gyros195Small Gyros 24d
Wish list

A way/command to merge resource stacks in your inventory or house

Crafters are usually surrounded by small (or even big) stacks of same ressource that can be merged together. Client GUI being the way it is , it's hard to spot them (I have 400+ different resources in my collection) and merge them back.Would be ni...
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copperjedi198Member avatar small copperjedi 24d
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Game Update 15

I would like to request more GCW faction content for those of us that do not want to do the Jedi v BH pvp. I have read the notes and it seems that the update 15 contains some of the aspects of the way revelations GCW was working with the placeme...
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Thornes9458Small Bulldawg 26d
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FRS Ideas for the future of R1

I assume that anyone who previously participated in the FRS either on live or on other Emulator's has come across "A Vision of a New and Improved Force Ranking System by GLZMO" at one point or another. If you have not it is a must read!http://www....
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