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[Pinned] SwgRogueOne Rules and Policies

To All PlayersDo not discuss, advertise, or link other servers (other than SWG RogueOne) or their respective forums on our social media pages or groups, or our forums. Such posts will be deleted and persons that posted them removed.If you break an...
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Sidious - DEV1208Small Sidious - DEV 99d
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Droid Combat Socket Clusters

Is this going to be a fix coming in the core code, or would it be worth looking at here?Droids are seriously limited at the moment with non-functional socket clusters (general clusters don't work either).It would be nice to get all the other types...
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Thought I would suggest a few new NPCs Vomiting Chuba.-- Damn things won't stop stealing my Jawa Beer!Underwear snitching meatlump.- We need a pitcher, not an underwear snitcher!Grondagrondagrona Andomegamu. Boss for new frat dungeonSpineflap Cr...
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Ranger only missions

Seeking the ability to see just creature missions on the terminals as ranger.
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lightsaber chrystels

Hi,Just wondering if there are gonna be special lightsaber color chrystels ingame with Journeyman like Kenobi's legacy, lava chrystel, Sunriders destiny?Since with the other professions we have the NGE-items as well!
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BioEngineer Expanded

Here are my thoughts on how BioEngineer could be made more relevant when it comes to petsBioEngineer LoveMore skins - lots more viaCreature Handler Badges :Tame every tamable creature on a planet to get a badge and a physical badge – badge can the...
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Alderaan Flora

One of the better looking plants on live was the Alderaan Flora from the Cries of Alderaan quest line. Since the quest line is not working yet, could you possibly create a schematic and add Alderaan Flora to the Antique Dealer profession?ThanksGil
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Gil Craft2162Small Dez 27d
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Flying Winnebago Mount

Just modify the Republic Gunship to a Winnebago with wings.
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Opi1117Small Opi 27d
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"Junk" loot and loot tables revamp

Long been frustrated with the loot tables, especially on lower-end mobs. As it is, we spend a lot of time deleting junk from our inventories....To relieve this I would propose:1) Change loot table drop priorities/weights so: a) usually: credits...
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Princess Leia Statue?

I saw it on a different server, it was an outside statue in memory of Carrie Fisher, it was her with r2 giving the disc, so it looked like the diorama but without the starship background. i thought it could be crafted with looted schematic or some...
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vendor register vehicles

would like to be able to select vehicles when registering vendor.
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Temporary Flagging for Neutral

Let Neutral factions participate in pvp battles and choose a side for that battle much like solo was still neutral but chose to fight for rebels. and fett being neutral and choosing to fight for empire?
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Brice1138Small Brice 40d
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updated profession calculator

So the calculator now is great, but with the new professions coming init would be nice to have one with your new professions on it , and possibly a glimpse of what is to come.just a thought =)
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Brice1129Small Brice 40d
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Event time

Was wondering if it would be possible to get some event that is EU friendly? I have missed every event because of timezones, and would really like to join in once in a while. :)
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So I've not been there yet on this server, but I've always wanted a house on Dathomir. Also, while I get that the Witches are the focus, all of the clans had males we can't play as. Just brainstorming here, but couldn't you add a male option by us...
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Xolo4526Member avatar small Memnoch127 51d
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Extended time on rented City Decorations (the buyable 8hr ones)

It'd be nice if these rented deco items lasted longer than 8 hours. Maybe 24? Possibly even increase the price to match the time. These things are great and I know a few others who would love this changeEspecially the jukebox, if that was extended...
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Jawa theme park

Jawas are a big part of SW and are highly over looked. Maybe a 4-5 NPC questline that includes artisons as well as combat. For completing you get a pet JAWA that is a junk dealer, allowing you to sell junk on the fly.
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For Entertainers

There are only two things I liked about post-NGE SWG. Bunduki/Bunduki 2 dance and the Entertainer props. I have NO IDEA if it's possible, but hey, this is a wish list.
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Aquadrazi3202Small Aquadrazi 55d
Wish list

Black and White Lightsaber Colors, Customizable Sith Speeders, New Jedi Tree, Cortosis Blade.

The black lightsaber crystal, idea from Star Wars The Force Unleashed.\
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Vatia1197Small Vatia 56d
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Larger population

I wish for a larger population. Anything we can assist in to achieve this?
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