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[Pinned] SwgRogueOne Rules and Policies

To All PlayersDo not discuss, advertise, or link other servers (other than SWG RogueOne) or their respective forums on our social media pages or groups, or our forums. Such posts will be deleted and persons that posted them removed.If you break an...
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Sidious - DEV179Small Sidious - DEV 38d
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BE pet experimentation on Mandalore and Tanaab changes (fixes?).

I've noticed when experementing with the DNA of creatures based on these planets that you cant get any effectiveness greater than zero. So no way to get LS resists nor any other resists that are not special resists on a BE crafted pet. Is this wor...
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PyscoJuggalo185Member avatar small PyscoJuggalo 4d
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Convenience Changes Please?

- Bring up the max missions taken up to 6 from 2.- Bring vehicle call times down to 5 seconds from 15.- Make created factory crates of anything stack up to 1k or even 10k rather than 100(Is it?).- Make SEAs show its actual stat in its name rather ...
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Walls & Gates Manipulation

We have a pretty level spot on Naboo, but not quite level enough for the walls to look decent . When you line them up the slight variation in terrain causes one to be higher or lower than the other. This drives my ocd tendancies insane, lol. I abs...
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Wishes for the new server (post wipe)

Server wipe, eeek. I do understand the need for a wipe and fully support the devs in their decision. They must do what they have to do to make the game stable.There are a few things that I hope can be put back the way they were without any negativ...
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More Deco items would really really rock!

I seriously miss the items that Corran gave out to cities when they got their shuttle, plants and rugs especially. I love all the items from Antique dealer, but the rugs and plants and such I got from Corran were so very very cool. Since the wipe ...
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Dez166Small Dez 8d
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Removing broken stat mod SEA's

It's been 15 YEARS already, can we get rid of some of this crap? lol
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Bulldawg5170Member avatar small Humdinger 9d
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Factional Perks/PVP/NERFS/REWARDS/

Would like to see the Factional Ranks get rewards for achieving them.1. Each rank would get a "Factional Perk Reward" give a +stat to some attribute that could be used in PVP/PVE combat only. Would have to be Special Forces to Wear to get the Perk...
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Thornes5133Small Spiritwolf 10d
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Wanted posters

Just though it would be cool to see wanted pics of jedi that have established a high bounty around major cities thoughts?
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Brice281Small Thornes 10d
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Interior designer profession

There are people who enjoy decorating would be cool to see this with mission terminals players can post their own houses for credits and terminals give do upon completion?
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Brice151Small Brice 10d
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Event Leader Story Teller Profession

Back in the day, we used to run events on the each planet helping new players and exploring the whole planet. One person would lead with a story and add mobs they pulled from missions into their story. With having access to certain mobs and buildi...
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Brice3127Small Brice 11d
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What about some love for the Creature Handler Class

i played the CH before the wipe and now too but ,, what i miss is the damage pets do ... even if u use a pet from the new planets like mandalore or tanaab they are not powerful enough to kill a mob in a decent time alone .... plus i miss an area ...
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Asakaji4240Small Asakaji 13d
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Imperial Theme park remodel

So While i would love the entire thing updated i realize things can take awhile to rewrite quests change up rewards but id like to change a few easy things since that's a semi quick fix..1 emperor palpatine room. It just seems kinda umm dull in th...
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I would love to see props put in, like they had during the cu, that would be really fun, along wuth the house pack up feature & 2 person vehicles
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Duel Wielding weapons

Lets face it the only thing i personally feel that swg was lacking was the duel wielding of weapons, pistols, Swords, lightsabers, ect , things that could be duel wielding.just a wish =D
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Brice1191Small Brice 32d
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Blackhole Stormtrooper Armor & Stormtrooper Armor Rank Pauldrons

Late in the NGE I think it was, with the city invasions game update they added in the blackhole stormtrooper armor, and some kind of white stormtrooper armor with pauldrons.was hoping maybe one day we could earn these from imp recruiters for facti...
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Vlu Dagoth2371Member avatar small nolan123frog 33d
Wish list


- Players can place a bounty on any target that kills them,- Missiontarget visible on overviewscreen (no longer needed to look in the missiondetail),- Maintainance can be payed with bank and cash,
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Building Bonus as a sub-component + vendor area

Building Bonus:Was wondering if it would be possible to do something similar with Architect (possible miner master) as you can with Tailor+BE.So some prof could create the bonus modifier as a component : +5 exp/+10 assembly etc, and then a archite...
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New Weapons

Acid Launcher Riflebounty Hunder double barelled De10Elite RifleKilo Ren Style Light saber HiltAlliance Needler PistolLauncher Carbine
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