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[Pinned] SwgRogueOne Rules and Policies

To All PlayersDo not discuss, advertise, or link other servers (other than SWG RogueOne) or their respective forums on our social media pages or groups, or our forums. Such posts will be deleted and persons that posted them removed.If you break an...
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Sidious - DEV1502Small Sidious - DEV 264d
Wish list

Sith Speeder sound mod

I love Sith speeders and could not imagine being without them but the sound gets a bit harsh at times. It would be so cool if they just hummed along at their normal super speed.
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Eha Vese4131Small Eha Vese 13d
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How to join the Discord?

I have discord app installed from before need the info or a connect to discord link how Ts does from the website
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Morpheus420292Small Mas Amedda - SA 13d
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Glowing Shards

can we have glowing shards placed on the galaxy vendor as the trinkets are?
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Zenith5216Small Clive 14d
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there is helmets and hats. how about masks?
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Zenith4118Small Mas Amedda - SA 22d
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Some small ideas

Some simple little things I thought of:/declare to go Special Forces?4 missions instead of 2?And lastly Can Ent Buff match the current Doc Buffs of 3Hrs?
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capttripps8237Small Mas Amedda - SA 22d
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a race idea?

i have an idea for a race for a playable species, i forgot the name of them but the race/species that Asajj Ventress is and along with that is it possible to add the ability to be able to use dual lightsabers?
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Vlhad111216Member avatar small honkwomp 28d
Wish list

Jedi weapon repairs

Since the Anti Decay Kit is not currently available, maybe jedi could be granted the ability to repair crystals/ pearls via the lightsaber crafting tool. It would work the same as weapons and armor. A crystal/pearl repair kit OR resources equivale...
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Zenith2140Small Savage - DEV 31d
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big city Spaceports...

I feel like I waste a lot of time running around in Coronet starport... a couple of ideas:1) Easy change - extending ticket droid radius so players can board from the ticket terminal without having to run back and forth from terminal to droid wou...
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rLobster2101Small Savage - DEV 31d
Wish list

New classes ect :)

Spy. Smuggler combat class , cloak command to master ranger /Master Powers Jedi & Orbital Strike/Position Secured command to mandos TY :)
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Desamus1125Member avatar small Desamus 32d
Wish list

Travel to all planets to and from Corellia

I would absolutely love to be able to travel straight to Lok from Corellia without having to go to Naboo or Tatooine first.Rori or Talus falls into this same issue.
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digitallonewolf6236Member avatar small netyoda 36d
Wish list

Adding a Lawn to Housing?

I know the Devs have tons of stuff stacked up and this is not a "priority" but the idea came to me and I figured I might as well throw it out there. What if each house had a lawn with it inside of which you could drop and arrange items exactly as ...
Small Phsyco 362d
Phsyco71205Small Eha Vese 40d
Wish list

Additional GCW Ranks

One of the things that I do miss about the NGE was the feeling of involvement within the GCW. Here you get colonel and you essentially are done with the GCW grind. It would be cool if there was a way to add in the ranks up to General like the NGE ...
Small Bulldawg 46d
Bulldawg9295Small Revith 43d
Wish list

Force Related Decorations

There are a couple force related decorations that I think would be sweet to see added in game that were at one time in SWG.First is the jedi statue. I think came in a green color saber and red color saber.Here is a picture of what I am talking ab...
Small Darkfin 50d
Darkfin1138Small Darkfin 50d
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Entertainer XP Nuna Bombs

At the moment there is a difference between the xp generation for dance and music. The bump for dance is higher than the bump for music.It would be nice if both music and dance produced the same xp for both professions. **And Nuna Bombs :D But y...
Small Mas Amedda - SA 58d
Mas Amedda - SA3208Small Mas Amedda - SA 58d
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Factory Crate Size

Factory runs stacking to 1000 instead of 10 stacks of 100.Please and thank you! 😁
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maximus03694460Small Stormtrooper7 60d
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Jedi Toughness and LS Toughness

Anyone see this tapes in game ?Clearing all content for days and have not see even small number yetPlease share is you or anyone you know got anythank you
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netcode9416Member avatar small netcode 61d
Wish list


Be cool n badge hunter for title of original server. SO example. Title is Survivor of Lowca. or something to that extent. That we could get from the badge collector.
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twann1178Member avatar small twann 64d
Wish list

A Mandalorian Dungeon

I know that you guys have plans that you are all working on, just had this as a thought and wanted to throw it out there. This turned out so much longer than what I wanted it to be, and went farther than I intended, but I just wanted to get as muc...
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digitallonewolf1236Member avatar small digitallonewolf 67d
Wish list

Things I'd like to see

A CH hut like the Ranger hut, we're out there in the wilds just as much.Image tab- I know there are NGE haters out there who cringe about this. But honestly, galactic diveristy would would quadruple almost instantly. The fact we have so many speci...
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Xolo1165Small Xolo 68d