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[Pinned] SwgRogueOne Rules and Policies

To All PlayersDo not discuss, advertise, or link other servers (other than SWG RogueOne) or their respective forums on our social media pages or groups, or our forums. Such posts will be deleted and persons that posted them removed.If you break an...
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Sidious - DEV1280Small Sidious - DEV 148d
Wish list

looted tokens

it would be nice to have an option to store tokens in datapad or as faction points by right clicking it in the inventory and select an option for that.
Small Coscks 4d
Coscks2109Small Sidious - DEV 3d
Wish list

Match Ent buff timers with Doctor buffs please

Title says it all... Its hard for a guild to do anything substantial if every 2 hours we need to stop and go back to the cantina. It can take 20min+ to get a whole raid buffed up. Ent buffs should be MINIMUM 3 hours.... Doctor buffs 3-3.5 hrs depe...
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Thaylee4124Member avatar small netyoda 4d
Wish list

add planets pls

i would love to see planets like hoth or kamino maybe able to walk around on but instance for me would still be great. if anyway else would like to think of some others planets more than welcome to put in some input
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grimmreaper4690177Member avatar small grimmreaper4690 6d
Wish list

Harvester Paying upkeep from bank

was setting up some harvester with my crafter and was going to pay maintenance and could not cause all my money was in bank and not on me and thought be nice if i could pay upkeep from bank would this possible to do at some point?
Small Emberstar 8d
Emberstar374Member avatar small netyoda 7d
Wish list

Color crystals

On my wishlist, I would love to see color crystals for ranged weapons. If this can be possible then it will give players more option to feel more unique with the weapons they have chosen to use. I would say just normal color crystal no stats.
Small Revith 250d
Revith5620Small Emberstar 10d
Wish list

Duel Wielding weapons

Lets face it the only thing i personally feel that swg was lacking was the duel wielding of weapons, pistols, Swords, lightsabers, ect , things that could be duel wielding.just a wish =D
Small Brice 142d
Brice3428Member avatar small Xhedias 11d
Wish list

Adding a Lawn to Housing?

I know the Devs have tons of stuff stacked up and this is not a "priority" but the idea came to me and I figured I might as well throw it out there. What if each house had a lawn with it inside of which you could drop and arrange items exactly as ...
Small Phsyco 245d
Phsyco4400Member avatar small netyoda 15d
Wish list

Resource Statistics

One of the most useful features for a crafter is the ability to display stats against the resource in inventory, containers etc.Eg. for Armoursmith, in the Options->Interface section you can choose to show the combined OQ and SR of resource, wh...
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netyoda175Member avatar small netyoda 16d
Wish list

Clothing Appearance Slot

So, one thing I've noticed in game is that everyone looks similar/the same. It reminds me of when everyone wore comp armor back on live. I was wondering if an appearance slot (like they eventually added back in the late stages of the game) would b...
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Slab2122Small Memnoch127 18d
Wish list

Survey: Favorite Looking Weapon's

Possibly some minor tuning of the newer NGE weapons in future. Curious as to peoples 4 favorite looking weapons in each weapon category?
Small Zero-Divide (Junior DEV) 23d
Zero-Divide (Junior DEV)6184Small Memnoch127 18d
Wish list

Make bandflourish able to buff as fast as regular flourish!

For duo musicians or just multiple entertainers or even for a musician with a playback module droid, it would be nice to be able to do bandflourish instead of the regular flourish so that you can do the buffs in 2mins doing stritcly bandflourishes
Member avatar small Avari 111d
Avari8214Member avatar small netyoda 21d
Wish list

Multiperson Transport

It would be great if the Vehicles could hold multiple players, like the Republic Transport. It would be cool in PVP, your guild could ride together. Crafters could shuttle the miners around. It could make someone happy :)...
Small Thornes 24d
Thornes4151Member avatar small netyoda 23d
Wish list

Jedi Robes

Love the new Jedi Robes that are craftable but would love to be able to change the color or even craft different colors. Maybe the expansion of the Jedi system add in even more robes with higher stats.
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Zorzorath7347Small Nero 25d
Wish list


1) I was hoping that the "Guardian MK II" and the "Droideka" Could be added to the game when you all plan on fixing DE, or even all the NGE droids. These droids are really cool looking and would be also awesome to have as a combat pets, specially ...
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beauwolf1115Member avatar small beauwolf 26d
Wish list

Pikeman Revamp

Let's be honest with ourselves, 90%+ of the server population runs fencer if they're going melee, and for good reason. Fencer has more defense and with the bumped up offense of NGE heavy AP weapons, hits as hard as swordsman. Pikeman needed a rewo...
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Xhedias9405Member avatar small Xhedias 27d
Wish list

Factory Crate Size

Factory runs stacking to 1000 instead of 10 stacks of 100.Please and thank you! 😁
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maximus03693125Member avatar small netyoda 31d
Wish list

Nightsister TP & NS Clothing

Pleeeease! 😍
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Xhedias6238Member avatar small Xhedias 34d
Wish list

Removing Head Armor Appearance

As stated in the title, a button to either show or remove the helmet appearance.
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Xhedias1123Member avatar small Xhedias 37d
Wish list

Droid Combat Socket Clusters

Is this going to be a fix coming in the core code, or would it be worth looking at here?Droids are seriously limited at the moment with non-functional socket clusters (general clusters don't work either).It would be nice to get all the other types...
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netyoda3194Member avatar small netyoda 50d