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[Pinned] SwgRogueOne Rules and Policies

To All PlayersDo not discuss, advertise, or link other servers (other than SWG RogueOne) or their respective forums on our social media pages or groups, or our forums. Such posts will be deleted and persons that posted them removed.If you break an...
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Sidious - DEV1400Small Sidious - DEV 210d
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Entertainer XP Nuna Bombs

At the moment there is a difference between the xp generation for dance and music. The bump for dance is higher than the bump for music.It would be nice if both music and dance produced the same xp for both professions. **And Nuna Bombs :D But y...
Small Mas Amedda - SA 4d
Mas Amedda - SA380Small Mas Amedda - SA 4d
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Shuttle Wait Times!

Can we please, please get the shuttle times changed to 1 minute, the 5 minute wait drives me crazy and it was already a short trip!
Small Thornes 1y
Thornes5622Small Roost 5d
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Factory Crate Size

Factory runs stacking to 1000 instead of 10 stacks of 100.Please and thank you! 😁
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maximus03694295Small Stormtrooper7 6d
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Jedi Toughness and LS Toughness

Anyone see this tapes in game ?Clearing all content for days and have not see even small number yetPlease share is you or anyone you know got anythank you
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Be cool n badge hunter for title of original server. SO example. Title is Survivor of Lowca. or something to that extent. That we could get from the badge collector.
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A Mandalorian Dungeon

I know that you guys have plans that you are all working on, just had this as a thought and wanted to throw it out there. This turned out so much longer than what I wanted it to be, and went farther than I intended, but I just wanted to get as muc...
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Things I'd like to see

A CH hut like the Ranger hut, we're out there in the wilds just as much.Image tab- I know there are NGE haters out there who cringe about this. But honestly, galactic diveristy would would quadruple almost instantly. The fact we have so many speci...
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Xolo173Small Xolo 14d
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W/S request

I would love to be able to open up a schematic or my crafting tool and see what the damage type and AP is on a weapon prior to crafting. Would help us make the proper decisions when crafting and reduce waste of resources.Fuzz
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Tailor > Bio engineer tape mastery

Hello that would be great if a master tailor mixed with master bio engineer could have a granted ability to merge small tapes into bigger ones using existing crated components from tailoring.
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Coscks1127Small Coscks 26d
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Master tailor and Clothing tapes usage

Hi i would like to propose that a fully taped tailor could have the ability to add sockets to specific piece of clothing, by reverse engineer a 4 socket piece of clothing, they will receive a component required to apply slots to another piece of c...
Small Coscks 26d
Coscks198Small Coscks 26d
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It would be really great if we could solo Fort Tusken

I have tried to visit pool under Fort Tusken, but it seems impossible to solo. I have not had any success in finding a group:(
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Nann6213Member avatar small Nann 27d
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Adding a Lawn to Housing?

I know the Devs have tons of stuff stacked up and this is not a "priority" but the idea came to me and I figured I might as well throw it out there. What if each house had a lawn with it inside of which you could drop and arrange items exactly as ...
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Phsyco5731Member avatar small birk 28d
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Bracers - Forearms armor equipable with Heavy Flightsuit clothing

Hi wanted to ask if it would be possible to equip bracers or forearm armor with the Heavy Flightsuit, thanks.
Small Coscks 37d
Coscks1132Small Coscks 37d
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Surrender All Option

After clicking through and typing "yes" to surrender all of my combat skills in order to get Jedi Padawan, I thought that it would be nice to have a "Surrender All" option for skills or have a "Surrender All" for the base skill and cascade delete ...
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a color pallet is desperately needed for this armor the Cream color is just horrid. on wikia you can see there is atleast a dark red that is available and looks SOOO much better
Small Memnoch127 42d
Memnoch1271210Small Memnoch127 42d
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Pack house

I would really like to see the pack house option, mainly for the reason of merchants and moving in general. It takes a lot of time away from playing your other toons in the game.
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Taigon1146Member avatar small Taigon 42d
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Match Ent buff timers with Doctor buffs please

Title says it all... Its hard for a guild to do anything substantial if every 2 hours we need to stop and go back to the cantina. It can take 20min+ to get a whole raid buffed up. Ent buffs should be MINIMUM 3 hours.... Doctor buffs 3-3.5 hrs depe...
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Thaylee5400Member avatar small Taigon 42d
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A way to easily darken rooms in Houses

I know that adding certain holograms will darken small areas. It would be nice that either the whole building to be dark inside with lamps and candles are the major light source or a super black light that dampens a large area.That could be easily...
Small MadOmega 43d
MadOmega1123Small MadOmega 43d
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A sent box for in-game mail...

I know this isn't going to change the game play for combat toons at all, but as someone who does a fair bit of would be really useful to be able to see the mails you've sent out! Mostly because my memory isn't capable of remembering ...
Small Cozdragon 43d
Cozdragon1109Small Cozdragon 43d