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Launcher Support

[Pinned] All Support Request

If you have a support request no matter what it is please submit a ticket with all the information you can give.RogueOne Ticket System. crashes.OS: Win10.NET Version: 3.5Is your launcher an...
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Launcher Support

[Pinned] SwgRogueOne Rules and Policies

SWG RogueOne Rules and Policies - READ THEM HERE
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Launcher Support

[Pinned] Installation Instructions

Setup Instructions*It is important to note that we base our support off of these install instructions. If you deviate from them you will lose support.* The new launcher requires latest version of .NET to run correctly if you are running 4.0 or be...
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Launcher Support

[Pinned] SWGEMU TRE Files to Run the Game

In order to play SWG you need the original Disks installed for the .tre files. You will also need an addional 27 .tre files that are supplied for the EMU project. IF you are missing them, you can download HERETo get the original CD's you will ha...
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Launcher Support

New Account Request

Like in Topic, THX :)
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Launcher Support

Account Activation

Received a ticket reply requesting that I log in and click ‘join’-or-Create a post if ‘join’ is unavailable....Here is my post!*edited for bad spelling*
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Launcher Support

launcher installation issue

So as I sit here and wait for account activation, Im having an odd issue with downloading the launcher. I have downloaded it, ran as admin, downloaded all the .tre files, then it says play. - all good except no activation yet, but this isnt the is...
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Launcher Support

Activation Code

It seems some of us are confusing joining the website with joining the actual game. Apologies to all. I would still like that activation code I've heard so much about. :) I know this is a labor of love, not a business, so I will be patient.
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Launcher Support

Launcher not.. launching

Swgclient_r crashes upon pressing play, and it's saying I'm missing lot's of TRE files, yet I've installed and uninstalled three times now, patched with the rogueone launcher, to no avail. Can anyone throw me some suggestions?
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Launcher Support

Make post to see my account?

" Click join the top right, if Join is not there, please make a post so we can see your account." Got an email with this, no idea what it means. I don't have a join option that I can see and uh I guess here is a post. lol If anyone is familiar and...
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Launcher Support

Can't get past login...

When I get to the Character Creation screen, I get a message saying the launcher stopped working, and it crashes. No codes or anything. It just quits out. Any ideas?
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Launcher Support

Unable to start

trying to get R1 on my laptop, after install I got "This application was unable to start correctly (0xc000007b)." Any idea what is causing this?
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Launcher Support

swgClient_r has stopped working

Hello all, I have a character who camped out on Dantooine and every time I try to log him in, I crash to desktop with the box "swgClient_r has stopped working."Once I get to character select and choose him, I see the "Lando Screen" with the progre...
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Launcher Support


Joined Forums ...Created ticket ...Received email:Please goto the forums and create an account, if you have done so, please goto, login, Click join the top right, if Join is not there, please make a post so we can see your acco...
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Launcher Support

Automatic registration disabled.

Automatic registration disabled.Thanks
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Launcher Support


it said to post so they can see the account to send the activation codeTolan
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Launcher Support

Got the join process done, but..

Joined Forums site... Check..Setup and received code.. check..Set a password... check..Get to login screen and server still wont recognize my account.. Tried the user name, tried my real name, tried my email as the login info, even did a password ...
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Launcher Support

onemanarmy900 Account

Posting as per email. No join button :(
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Launcher Support

Tomrin, New Account

Received the email, did not see join in top right corner. Creating a post as told to do in the email (if Join button was not present). Not sure if this is the right place, but here it is.
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Launcher Support

Launcher keeps crashing

So when i hit the rogue one icon it crashes the min it says Loading Server status.....The icon is green and says ready to play.I have 66 out of 66 tre files.But it still stays SWGRogueOne-Launcher has stopped working A problem caused the program t...
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