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[Pinned] SwgRogueOne Rules and Policies

SWG RogueOne Rules and Policies - READ THEM HERE
Small Sidious - DEV 99d
Sidious - DEV1251Small Sidious - DEV 99d
Launcher Support

[Pinned] Installation Instructions

Setup Instructions*It is important to note that we base our support off of these install instructions. If you deviate from them you will lose support.* The new launcher requires latest version of .NET to run correctly if you are running 4.0 or be...
Small Savage - DEV 1y
Savage - DEV06820Small Savage - DEV 1y
Launcher Support

[Pinned] SWGEMU TRE Files to Run the Game

In order to play SWG you need the original Disks installed for the .tre files. You will also need an addional 27 .tre files that are supplied for the EMU project. IF you are missing them, you can download HERETo get the original CD's you will ha...
Small Savage - DEV 1y
Savage - DEV14612Small Savage - DEV 1y
Launcher Support

Got the join process done, but..

Joined Forums site... Check..Setup and received code.. check..Set a password... check..Get to login screen and server still wont recognize my account.. Tried the user name, tried my real name, tried my email as the login info, even did a password ...
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Zenny5116Member avatar small onedrnkirish 5d
Launcher Support

Activation Code

It seems some of us are confusing joining the website with joining the actual game. Apologies to all. I would still like that activation code I've heard so much about. :) I know this is a labor of love, not a business, so I will be patient.
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Itaka Oharu276Member avatar small netyoda 6d
Launcher Support

onemanarmy900 Account

Posting as per email. No join button :(
Member avatar small onemanarmy900 8d
onemanarmy9002127Small Sidious - DEV 8d
Launcher Support

Tomrin, New Account

Received the email, did not see join in top right corner. Creating a post as told to do in the email (if Join button was not present). Not sure if this is the right place, but here it is.
Member avatar small Tomrin 11d
Tomrin4143Member avatar small onemanarmy900 8d
Launcher Support

Automatic registration disabled.

Automatic registration disabled.Thanks
Small Pop 98d
Pop151240Small Vlu Dagoth 12d
Launcher Support

Launcher keeps crashing

So when i hit the rogue one icon it crashes the min it says Loading Server status.....The icon is green and says ready to play.I have 66 out of 66 tre files.But it still stays SWGRogueOne-Launcher has stopped working A problem caused the program t...
Small bamneely 17d
bamneely3121Small bamneely 16d
Launcher Support

Cant Login

Hello, I played on the server quite a while back and took a break when RL took a lot of time. When I came back I forgot my password and reset it. Logging into the site is fine but I cant log into the game. Any chance an Admin could help me out ...
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Romina3154Member avatar small Romina 27d
Launcher Support

New account

I was told to click the join button on the top right or make a post if I didn't get a join button. Got nothing so posting here.
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Xercies1125Member avatar small Xercies 31d
Launcher Support

SWG Account

How do I get a swg game account now?
Member avatar small Aha 99d
Aha7487Small Savage - DEV 38d
Launcher Support

Launcher issues. Click launch nothing happens

RogueOne.exe: stage.119798unknown location : FATAL 4d962776: appearance/defaultappearance.apt could not be found. Are your paths set up correctly?unknown location : FATAL be5fbc55: ExceptionHandler invokedCrash dump I am getting. All tre files ar...
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bettyford144144Member avatar small zainegreenboy 38d
Launcher Support

"Appearance/defaultappearance.apt could not be found" error

Downloaded and installed the launcher and the TRE files, and followed the install instructions. The launcher says it's updated and "Client ready to play", but when I click launch nothing happens. I get an .mdmp file and a txt doc in my game folder...
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Phenomenaut81500Member avatar small Stifle 40d
Launcher Support

Windows Error - Launcer has stopped working

I cannot use the launcher. I have installed and uninstalled as I get a windows error each time and cannot do the Tre files copy from the swg files. I tried manually, it still gives me the windows error as follows. " SWGRogueOne-Launcer has stoppe...
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Quig8495Small Thornes 49d
Launcher Support

Click Play, Nothing happens.

66 out of 66 TRE files needed.automated crash dump from RogueOne.exe stage.119798RogueOne.exe: stage.119798unknown location : FATAL 4d962776: appearance/defaultappearance.apt could not be found. Are your paths set up correctly?Ram: 2047mbOs1: 6.2....
Member avatar small scootftw 60d
scootftw5303Small Savage - DEV 59d
Launcher Support

Run Launcher 1-50+ times before it will stay open. + Error if I try to get server status.

I was told there is a way to fix the launcher crashing over and over repeatedly (just disappears once it tries to load the server status) but I haven't found it yet I guess. Most of the time I expect to have to spend a few Min's at least just dbl ...
Small ardo 70d
ardo8485Small Sidious - DEV 70d
Launcher Support

Automatic registration disabled

Automatic registration disabled when I try to log in.
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anarchyplays6578Small exgallows 71d
Launcher Support

Launcher Help Please

My launcher 80% of the time doesn't work and gives me a SWGRogueOne-Launcher has stopped working which prevents me from getting patches. When it does work is random. So i uninstalled it, reinstalled it to get the ranger patch and now can't get it ...
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xilandius4335Member avatar small xilandius 76d
Launcher Support

Submitted login ticket

waiting for my code so i can log into the game
Small Idi 82d
Idi1228Small Idi 82d