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[Pinned] SwgRogueOne Rules and Policies

SWG RogueOne Rules and Policies - READ THEM HERE
Small Sidious - DEV 6d
Sidious - DEV143Small Sidious - DEV 6d
Launcher Support

[Pinned] Installation Instructions

Setup Instructions*It is important to note that we base our support off of these install instructions. If you deviate from them you will lose support.* The new launcher requires latest version of .NET to run correctly if you are running 4.0 or be...
Small Savage - DEV 354d
Savage - DEV05266Small Savage - DEV 354d
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[Pinned] SWGEMU TRE Files to Run the Game

In order to play SWG you need the original Disks installed for the .tre files. You will also need an addional 27 .tre files that are supplied for the EMU project. IF you are missing them, you can download HERETo get the original CD's you will ha...
Small Savage - DEV 360d
Savage - DEV14044Small Savage - DEV 360d
Launcher Support

There's no sound

Hello there. I am new in this game, and i realized than my game don't have any sound effects and music. Do you guys have the same issue?Thanks, and may the force be with you
Member avatar small lazarora 5h
lazarora232Small Sidious - DEV 5h
Launcher Support

Launcher issues. Click launch nothing happens

RogueOne.exe: stage.119798unknown location : FATAL 4d962776: appearance/defaultappearance.apt could not be found. Are your paths set up correctly?unknown location : FATAL be5fbc55: ExceptionHandler invokedCrash dump I am getting. All tre files ar...
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bettyford122422Member avatar small Khyron42 2d
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Purple Default Wall Paper
Small Pop 4d
Pop380Small Sidious - DEV 3d
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Automatic registration disabled

Automatic registration disabled when I try to log in.
Member avatar small anarchyplays 4d
anarchyplays4106Small Sidious - DEV 4d
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Automatic registration disabled.

Automatic registration disabled.Thanks
Small Pop 5d
Pop8174Small Pop 5d
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SWG Account

How do I get a swg game account now?
Member avatar small Aha 6d
Aha237Member avatar small honkwomp 6d
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Cant start SWG

I install client as specified.After press Start Button with no effect.In installfolder found i file with name: RogueOne.exe-stage.119798-20170313203706in File:automated crash dump from RogueOne.exe stage.119798RogueOne.exe: stage.119798unknown loc...
Member avatar small Aha 15d
Aha8305Member avatar small Aha 6d
Launcher Support

Cannot Login

I was being able to play until yesterday, but today when I tried to login, it kept saying that automatic registration is not allowed. It's as if my account no longer exists and it's trying to register me as a new account.HALP!
Member avatar small Jolin 13d
Jolin22563Small Sidious - DEV 6d
Launcher Support

New Player can't login

Automatic registration disabled.Thanks
Member avatar small xilandius 10d
xilandius390Member avatar small stigmus 10d
Launcher Support

Luncher and exe on ubuntu

Hey there, Does anyone of you have experience with running the luncher on ubuntu?Cause i cant lunch it with wine, what works with the normal swgemu luncher.Would be very happy about help cause dont want to change the opperating system
Member avatar small Sarith 22d
Sarith2138Small Sidious - DEV 22d
Launcher Support

Launcher crash

Hello, i am new here and have been trying to get on this server for awhile. i have tried everything from un-install and reinstall so many times but yet still crash soon as i hit play :( have no clue why. Updated tre files have launcher v1.6.1 et...
Member avatar small Shogunate 24d
Shogunate8192Small Sidious - DEV 24d
Launcher Support

Rogue One Server showing as down when up

Hi!!!!I have been attempting to get on the game for the first time in many years YAY!!!!!The launcher shows that the rogue one server is down and the test server is up. I am able to create a toon in the rogue one server but not connect to the game...
Member avatar small kiss thegirl 27d
kiss thegirl6326Small Gladiator 27d
Launcher Support

Master File 3, 2017

What is this and why do I have to download it every time I start up the launcher?
Small Revelation 30d
Revelation2229Member avatar small netyoda 30d
SithHunta7277Small SithHunta 31d
Launcher Support

Crash upon Entering the Game

Good Evening, I managed to get my game working, launcher installes correctly and I can make it to the character creation menu. Regretably before I can join the server I need to fix the current crash which happens just after finishing the character...
Member avatar small Lystandar 45d
Lystandar14506Small Thornes 40d
Launcher Support

Launcher not showing any images

I just installed the RogueOne Launcher, and all it shows me is the window with nothing but black in it, with the words Launcher Loading....It's been like this for over 20min and nothing is loading, Halp!! Plz!Ty!
Member avatar small Lavoria 46d
Lavoria8349Member avatar small Pery 44d
Launcher Support

Looking for ways to get into the game

First time on Rogue One. I'm trying to get the game to work. My game crashes while initializing the game just after the first loading screen, with a crash to desk-top. As far as listing possible reasons from what I can see I have 68 of 66 local Tr...
Member avatar small Lystandar 51d
Lystandar7400Small tehmulletman 50d