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Patch Notes

[Pinned] SWG RogueOne - Rules and Policies (Please Read)

SWG RogueOne Rules and Policies - READ THEM HERE
Small Sidious - DEV 234d
Sidious - DEV11278Small Sidious - DEV 234d
Patch Notes

Patch Notes - 11042016 Antique Dealer Completion

*Update your Launcher for new Tre file When Server goes down!!!!Please be patient, 6 tre files will download. (if the green progress bar IS NOT MOVING, IT'S OK, BE PATIENTWeapons (Savage)Reduced the Number of Components needed for:- Massassi Knuck...
Small Savage - DEV 237d
Savage - DEV31448Small Savage - DEV 236d
Patch Notes

Patch Notes - 10172016 - Fixes

Arsenalist Weapons - Savage- Mandoviol Smasher - Fixed malformed text- Westar M34 pistol - Fixed malformed text- Vexa Flechette - Fixed malformed text- DH17 returned resources to original state.- Elite Gaderiffi and regular Gaderiffi swaped Schema...
Small Savage - DEV 255d
Savage - DEV92193Small Snarfy Jones 248d
Patch Notes

Patch Notes - 10122016 Fixes

Armor - (Savage)- Adjusted all resources for All armor. (resources are now more obtainable) - Adjusted Armor encumbrance on all armor piecesCheck out all the Armor HERE!!Weapons - (Savage)- Adjusted all resources for all Weapons (resources are now...
Small Savage - DEV 260d
Savage - DEV122418Small Ofee 257d
Patch Notes

Patch Notes 10042016 Antique Dealer

*Update your Launcher for new Tre file When Server goes down!!!!PlanetAdjusted scale of Taanab creatures (Savage)StructuresCrafted Gates for walls now show correct animation when crafting(Savage)JediAll Players Must now kill Mellichae and loot the...
Small Savage - DEV 267d
Savage - DEV235016Small mrsthornes 262d
Patch Notes

Patch Notes - 09192016 "Wookies do make good carpets"

ContentAdded: Nightsister Theme Park (Please be aware that part of this themepark takes place at the prision) (Sidious)Fixed: Players being able to obtain the Mark Of Intellect without speaking to the Hermit First - Hero of Tatooine quest (Sidious...
Small Sidious - DEV 283d
Sidious - DEV112460Small Blender 268d
Patch Notes

Patch Notes - 09292016

JediFixed: Jedi can now be politicians (Sidious)
Small Sidious - DEV 273d
Sidious - DEV1733Small Sidious - DEV 273d
Patch Notes

Patch Notes - 09032016 "Pimp My House"

NGE Housing Bespin Sky House (Sidious)Added:structure_assembly +10structure_experimentation +5clothing_assembly +10clothing_experimentation +5Player City Medical Facilities (Sidious)Added:medicine_assembly +10medicine_experimentation +5combat_med...
Small Savage - DEV 299d
Savage - DEV72197Small Inde 296d
Patch Notes

Patch Notes 05272016

* As always When server goes down, close out the game. When the server comes back up, re-launch your launcher and let it update. DO NOT UPDATE before the server comes back up, you will not get patch :)ProfessionsWe are pleased to announce (finally...
Small Savage - DEV 1y
Savage - DEV41884Small Blender 298d
Patch Notes

Patch Notes - 08302016 - Rebel Love

As always Close the game, and update your Launcher!!!TaanabFixed Buildings that appeared to be Floating (Savage)Mutant Kimo no longer spawns babies (Savage)Glactice Civil WarFactional bases can now be placed on Mandalore and Taanab (Savage)Added A...
Small Savage - DEV 303d
Savage - DEV0904Small Savage - DEV 303d
Patch Notes

Patch Notes - 08212016 - New Planet!! Taanab

As Always, please Close your Game and update the Client!!!!Galaxy UpdateNew Planet Taanab-1 City and 1 outpost-4 New Bunkers-7 New Badges/POI's-1 New Race Track- Over 60 new creatures- Over 15 new tamable creatures- ALL NGE, Corellian and Generic ...
Small Savage - DEV 318d
Savage - DEV62394Small khedrynburst 318d
Patch Notes

Patch 08072016 "Jedi Tears"

We Need Pearls!!! are the imperials (there ya go Thornes­čść )Added Possible Pearl Drops to Following Mobs:Boorka The Hutt - MandaloreDarth Caedus - MandaloreMandalore The Resurrector - MandaloreShodow Collective SC87 - MandaloreToborro The H...
Small Savage - DEV 326d
Savage - DEV52037Small StreetLuke 326d
Patch Notes

Patch Notes - 07212016

ClientFixed Tre file for Blacksmith**Please update Launcher!!!!!BlacksmithFixed issues with trainer not showing Segment treeSegments 4 now gives a title - Elite Master of Armor SegmentsElite Master Blacksmith Badge now workingArsenalistFixed train...
Small Savage - DEV 343d
Savage - DEV01193Small Savage - DEV 343d
Patch Notes

Patch Notes - 07192016

SWG Rogue One Patch Notes - 07152016* Make sure to update your Launcher!!!Blacksmith Profession is now LIVE!!!!!Trainer Location -182 -4693 (outside Cnet Starport)Resource RequirementsAdvanced Armor SegmentsAdvanced Neutral Armor Componentiron_kam...
Small Sidious - DEV 351d
Sidious - DEV72997Small Sidious - DEV 346d
Patch Notes

Patch Notes 06032916 - Fix That!!

**As Always Please Exit Game, Re-launch Launcher at have fun!! No new .tre files just a configuration update!!FactionPlayers must now be OVERT 'Special Forces' in order todelegate faction-pointsBackpacksFixed Resource Values on BackpacksCombatAdju...
Small Savage - DEV 1y
Savage - DEV174828Small StreetLuke 1y
Patch Notes

Patch Notes 05012016 - is Live!!!

ClientPlease Exit the game, close your launcher then re-open.2 new files to update:master_03_2016.tre is 98mbmaster_04_2016.tre is 158mbmaster_05_2016.tre is 45mb*Please allow 5-20 mins to update your launcher (depending on network speed)MountsInc...
Small Savage - DEV 1y
Savage - DEV95166Small Lara Notsil 1y
Patch Notes

Patch Notes 05312016

MechanicAdjusted resources for Blue/Red motorsFixed Nameing on STAP speederArchitectMaster Architect can now craft Walls, Columns and Gates for city use.CharacterCharacter count increased from 3 to 5PoliticianAdded the ability to place walls/colum...
Small Savage - DEV 1y
Savage - DEV21581Small Bough 1y
Patch Notes

Patch Notes 04242016

MISCXP has been returned to Normal values.Until further notice, the number of characters have been reduced from 10 to 3. If you have more than 3 now, you will be able to keep the characters you have created.
Small Savage - DEV 1y
Savage - DEV01200Small Savage - DEV 1y
Patch Notes

Patch Noted 03072016

ServerIncreased physical memory on ServerInstalled updates and patches for OS and DriversAdd Remote Server Management functionalityFixesGeo Caves - all Doors now openDeath Watch Bunker - Key now opens doorsLauncherNew launcher located Here
Small Savage - DEV 1y
Savage - DEV01199Small Savage - DEV 1y
Patch Notes

Patch Notes 02212016

Bug FixesNGE Housing Errors CorrectedMandalore objects spawning incorrectly now spawn correctly Housing Adjustments- Player houses have 300 item storage per lot. - Civic structures have 1000 item storage. - Any building that does not require lots ...
Small Savage - DEV 1y
Savage - DEV01361Small Savage - DEV 1y