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[Pinned] SWG RogueOne - Rules and Policies (Please Read)

SWG RogueOne Rules and Policies - READ THEM HERE
Small Sidious - DEV 173d
Sidious - DEV1725Small Sidious - DEV 173d
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Test Patch Notes - 04252017 - Commando Love

Update your Launcher for Testing!!!Commando Quest GiverName: ArnoldPlanet: TalusLocation: -4808 -4764Items to make Commando Lava CannonCommando Artifact Loot SchematicCommando Canister - 1Commando Laser Trap - 1Commando Motivator - 1Metal - 35 Uni...
Small Savage - DEV 4d
Savage - DEV1220Small Savage - DEV 4d
In Testing

Test Patch Notes - 04042017

*Make sure to Close the game and update launcher!!RangersNew Master Ranger Only Quest- Location -14 -3923 Yavin4- 4 new Quests!Quest Rewards- 11 New Hunter Trophy's- New Ranger Only hut (Lootable Schematic)- New Ranger Creature Survey Tool (Lootab...
Small Savage - DEV 24d
Savage - DEV1471Small Savage - DEV 24d
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Pets/Quests Testing Needed

Hello Everyone,We would like to get some people to hop over to the test center and test a few things for us. Please Do the following before testing- Please close your game and Update your launcher- After updating, on your launcher choose "Server ...
Small Savage - DEV 111d
Savage - DEV1749Small Savage - DEV 111d
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Development Road Map 2016

Hello All,I know it's a little late in the year to put this out, but I figured now is as good as a time than any. Maybe it will help answer any questions you may have on where we are going? or maybe it's just cool information to have. At any rat...
Small Savage - DEV 1y
Savage - DEV01934Small Savage - DEV 1y
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