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What's New on the Server!

Pimp My House Phase 2 - Winner is ????

Congratulations to the Pimp My House Phase 2 Winner Shamm.For those of you who have not had the pleasure to check out the house yet the waypoint is -2459 -6068 Tatooine. Go check it out along with the other contestants houses.I want to say thank y...
Small Sidious - DEV 137d
Sidious - DEV1597Small Sidious - DEV 137d
What's New on the Server!

Pimp My House - Phase 2

Ok folks Phase 2 of Pimp My House has been completed and now we need the communities help to judge the entries.There are 4 Musty Bunkers located at this waypoint -2496 -6149 go check them out and come back here and cast your vote.Voting has been f...
Small Sidious - DEV 138d
Sidious - DEV1531Small Sidious - DEV 138d
What's New on the Server!

Mini Event This Evening

Here are a few screenshots from this evenings mini-event. Thanks to all who came out!! It was a blast!!!
Small Savage - DEV 152d
Savage - DEV1590Small Savage - DEV 152d
What's New on the Server!

Rogue One Pimp my house - Contest

Well seeing we have all this cool stuff and we have some killer house decorators we thought it would be a cool idea to do a contest for designers to design some houses how every they would like.Here is how it will work -1. Depending on how many pe...
Small Sidious - DEV 175d
Sidious - DEV101798Member avatar small Narrie 158d
What's New on the Server!

Patch - 11212016

Fixes - Fixed vibro unit count on Nightsister Lance and Nightsister Legendary lance (Sidious)- Fixed Camps so you can get ent buffs and add some special qualities to the High Tech Field Base camp (Savage)and just a restart before the holiday weekend.
Small Sidious - DEV 158d
Sidious - DEV71510Small Sidious - DEV 158d
What's New on the Server!

Meet Your Staff!!

We would like to take this moment to introduce our RogueOne Staff and welcome our new members Arioch, Olin, Zero-Divide, and TK-441Savage - Developer/AdminAll around nice guy 😬😬😬😬Sidious - Developer/Admin"I am pretty sure if I smacked the stupid o...
Small Savage - DEV 242d
Savage - DEV92226Small Dez 212d