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What's New on the Server!

Patch Noted 01192017 - Fixes/Mounts

As Always Update your Launcher!!!MountsNew Mounts are as follows:Spike-tailed BlurrgBlurrg (not pictured)Armored DewbackPainted SpatMutated RancorKashyyyk BanthaNerfMurra BlancaWhisper Bird (New Lothal Creature!)ProfessionsFixed Client Issue with ...
Small Savage - DEV 160d
Savage - DEV1994Small Savage - DEV 160d
What's New on the Server!

Server Restart - 20 JAN 2016 00:00 PST

Going to be doing a server restart this evening at 00:00 PST for a nice clean weekend downtime will be 20 minutes so server should be back online at 00:20 +/- a few minutes.
Small Sidious - DEV 161d
Sidious - DEV1536Small Sidious - DEV 161d
What's New on the Server!

v1.6.0 Launcher is ready to be installed

So over the last week we have heard of some issues that have come up with the launcher as well as looked back on some of the previous issues that we have heard and we are happy to announce that we have launched v1.6.0 of the RogueOne Launcher whic...
Small Sidious - DEV 161d
Sidious - DEV1637Small Sidious - DEV 161d
What's New on the Server!

Patch Notes 01112017 - Mount This!!

As always update you Launcher!!Creature HandlerCH's can now tame the following babies as mounts!RancorMaulPekoPekoThuneLantern BirdGrondaTrophy Wall Mount QuestsLocation: Lothal waypoint -2598 -1330 and -856 1782 Quest Type: Non-Repeatable Destroy...
Small Savage - DEV 169d
Savage - DEV1861Small Savage - DEV 169d
What's New on the Server!

Patch Notes 12262016 - Path to Knight Trials Part 1

**As always close your game and update launcher!JediKnight Trials - Part 1 - (Sidious/Savage)- Must have 240 Skill points used- Must be either a Rebel or Imperial on leave (No neutral players can enter into the trials)- Must kneel at any s...
Small Savage - DEV 191d
Savage - DEV11681Small Savage - DEV 191d
What's New on the Server!

Pimp My House Phase 2 - Winner is ????

Congratulations to the Pimp My House Phase 2 Winner Shamm.For those of you who have not had the pleasure to check out the house yet the waypoint is -2459 -6068 Tatooine. Go check it out along with the other contestants houses.I want to say thank y...
Small Sidious - DEV 198d
Sidious - DEV1740Small Sidious - DEV 198d
What's New on the Server!

Pimp My House - Phase 2

Ok folks Phase 2 of Pimp My House has been completed and now we need the communities help to judge the entries.There are 4 Musty Bunkers located at this waypoint -2496 -6149 go check them out and come back here and cast your vote.Voting has been f...
Small Sidious - DEV 199d
Sidious - DEV1687Small Sidious - DEV 199d
What's New on the Server!

Mini Event This Evening

Here are a few screenshots from this evenings mini-event. Thanks to all who came out!! It was a blast!!!
Small Savage - DEV 213d
Savage - DEV1759Small Savage - DEV 213d
What's New on the Server!

Rogue One Pimp my house - Contest

Well seeing we have all this cool stuff and we have some killer house decorators we thought it would be a cool idea to do a contest for designers to design some houses how every they would like.Here is how it will work -1. Depending on how many pe...
Small Sidious - DEV 236d
Sidious - DEV102225Member avatar small Narrie 219d
What's New on the Server!

Patch - 11212016

Fixes - Fixed vibro unit count on Nightsister Lance and Nightsister Legendary lance (Sidious)- Fixed Camps so you can get ent buffs and add some special qualities to the High Tech Field Base camp (Savage)and just a restart before the holiday weekend.
Small Sidious - DEV 219d
Sidious - DEV71898Small Sidious - DEV 219d
What's New on the Server!

Meet Your Staff!!

We would like to take this moment to introduce our RogueOne Staff and welcome our new members Arioch, Olin, Zero-Divide, and TK-441Savage - Developer/AdminAll around nice guy 😬😬😬😬Sidious - Developer/Admin"I am pretty sure if I smacked the stupid o...
Small Savage - DEV 303d
Savage - DEV92743Small Dez 273d