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What's New on the Server!

Patch Notes 02042018 - Honey, I shrunk the Kimo!!

Rumors are spreading in the Underword, about Colonel Szalinski, a former scientist in the Imperial Corps of Bioengineers. Szalinski was dishonorably discharged, due to a failed experiment on creatures and injuring the son of the Dathomir Prison Wa...
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What's New on the Server!

Patch Notes 01232018 - Help, I've Fallen and I Can't Get Out!!!

Fixes- Galaxy Token Vendor Restored- Title Token Vendor Restored- Organic Survey Tools Working- Survey Droids Email Updated with MORE information for resources- Planetary Cloners and city cloners are disabled for time being. Characters can clone a...
Small Savage - DEV 57d
Savage - DEV1360Small Savage - DEV 57d
What's New on the Server!

Jabba's Galactic Home Show 2017

Jabba's Galactic Home Show begins today!The Great and Illustrious Lord Jabba has decreed that the most proficient of decorators and designers must create a glorious masterpiece for his Lordship, in celebration to the end of this galactic cycle. Th...
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What's New on the Server!

Jedi Knight Update 12122017

*Update your launcher!!Jedi Knight/Dark Knight - Added Jedi Knight Skill Boxes for those Jedi who have completed the Knight Trails.- Trainers can be located at Enclaves for each faction- Added 5th Gen Sabers - Adjusted stats on Knight Robes- Jedi ...
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What's New on the Server!

Patch Notes 12062017 - Publish 9 and Other Updates

* UPDATE YOUR LAUNCHER!!RogueOne Specific UpdatesPlayer InformationItems not ported over due to issues they will be added back in over time.Removed From Publish 9Jedi- Jedi Mind Triick 1-3- Force Lightning 3- Force Lightning Cone 3- Journeyman Hea...
Small Savage - DEV 105d
Savage - DEV1660Small Savage - DEV 105d
What's New on the Server!

Happy Halloween (except for wookies)

Update your Launcher!!!Happy Halloween!!!Local cantina owner, Braz Bunz was arrested today for accidentally poisoning local Coronet residents, with fruit punch, created for the upcoming Galactic Moon Festival. Patients falling to fever claimed an ...
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What's New on the Server!

What's coming Down the Pipe!!!

We are currently in the process of slowly moving our custom code over to a new server which holds the current Patch 9.Here is a link where you can read up on everything that is in Patch 9:Publish 9: Secrets of the Force, ReduxHow can I help???We w...
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Savage - DEV11013Small Savage - DEV 180d
What's New on the Server!

Patch Notes 09242017 - Jedi Love :)

Galaxy VendorJedi Trinkets are now for sale on Galaxy Vendor!!!!(Located Furniture/Jedi)FixesJedi Trinkets are no longer in loot tablesJedi Trinkets are no longer tradeableGalaxy Tokens are no longer tradeableAdjusted Stats on Journeyman Damage Cr...
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Savage - DEV1781Small Savage - DEV 180d
What's New on the Server!

Patch Notes 09172017

FixesPSG's condition has been increasedJedi Toughness tapes now dropping
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What's New on the Server!

Exar Kun Tomb (easy mode) - 25 Aug 2017

Please update your launcher!!!!Exar Kun Tomb (easy mode)How Do I get there??: Quick Travel Guy On Mos EspaCan I do it alone: Maybe :)Loot: Jedi Trinket, Backpacks, Commando Loot, Armor/Clothing AttachmentsFixes- Adjusted Loot Drops on Mutated Kim...
Small Savage - DEV 208d
Savage - DEV11438Small Savage - DEV 208d
What's New on the Server!

Fixes - 22 August 2017

Please Close Game and update your launcher!!Fixes- Jedi Trinkets are Non-Tradeable- Jedi Trinkets can no longer be sold to Junk Dealers- Lair naming issues fixed- Jedi XP death Calculations fixed- Halloween Event Enabled- Adjusted Loot Drops on Mu...
Small Savage - DEV 211d
Savage - DEV1826Small Savage - DEV 211d
What's New on the Server!

Patch Notes 08112017 - "It's About Time!!!"

MAKE SURE TO UPDATE YOUR LAUNCHER!!!!Creature HandlerCH's can now tame the following babies as mounts!BlurrgGraulGrondaKashyyyk BanthaLantern BirdMurra BlancaMutant RancorNerfPainted SpatPeko PekoRancorSnorbalSpiketail BlurrgWhisper BirdThe follow...
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What's New on the Server!

Rise of the Pirates

Achuta!My sources in the Imperial Navy have informed me that the Binayre Pirates were recently under Imperial attack. The Pirates were caught bypassing a customs checkpoint as they were leaving the planet of Dathomir. Why were they on Dathomir? I...
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What's New on the Server!

Can You Spare a Token?? - Updated 18 JUNE 2017

*Close your client, update your launcher please!!!!Title Token SystemWhen you kill select Mobs you will receive a Token for that Mob. You will also receive a Galaxy Token. Galaxy Tokens can be turned in to purchase unique items from the Galaxy T...
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What's New on the Server!

What's coming Down the Pipe!!! - RogueOne Roadmap

Upcoming PatchesCommand PatchWhat's on the burner- New Profession- Title Quest/item system- World Boss' - Token based systems- Jedi Journeyman- Jedi Journeyman New Items- Jedi Powers Adjustments- Visibility Check added to Force Shrine- Ability to ...
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What's New on the Server!

Patch Notes 05182017 - Commando Love

Update your Launcher!!!!Commando Quest GiverName: ArnoldPlanet: TalusLocation: -4808 -4764Items to make Commando Lava CannonCommando Artifact Loot SchematicCommando Canister - 1Commando Laser Trap - 1Commando Motivator - 1Metal - 35 UnitsInorganic...
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What's New on the Server!

May the Fourth Be with You!!! you to everyone for coming out and thank you for playing on RogueOne, without you we are nothing!!!!Enjoy the little video from the event this evening!!
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Savage - DEV21114Member avatar small Narrie 320d
What's New on the Server!

Patch Notes 04102017 - Ranger Love :)

*Make sure to Close all instances of the Game and update the Launcher!!RangersNew Master Ranger Only Quest- Location -14 -3923 Yavin4- 4 new Quests!Quest Rewards- 11 New Hunter Trophy's- New Ranger Only hut (Lootable Schematic)- New Ranger Creatur...
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What's New on the Server!

Patch Noted 04042017 - Fixes

FixesJedi XP loss now calculates as a negative factorIthorians can now wear Padawan Cloak
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What's New on the Server!

New Account Request System

Hello All,To create an account on RogueOne you must submit a ticket and request an authorization code. Here is what you need to do....You must create a Forum account and that will be your login name. If you do not have a forum account we will no...
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