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[Pinned] SwgRogueOne Rules and Policies

SWG RogueOne Rules and Policies - READ THEM HERE
Small Sidious - DEV 210d
Sidious - DEV1443Small Sidious - DEV 210d

Jedi Toughness

Anybody seen any of these drop yet?Looking to buy if possible!
Member avatar small irtehbom 10d
irtehbom1112Member avatar small irtehbom 10d

WTB/WTT Binary liquid

looking to pay around 25mil or 280+ strength dot weapon I would tradeif you have inbox me or send /tell or mail to Madhead SillyWalker
Member avatar small Madhead 37d
Madhead5305Member avatar small Madhead 24d

Rent a kill

If your struggle to killing high end mobs or bunkers and want help send me a /tell I can help you kill anything from a nuna upto defeating mando/taanab bunkers / Mellichae AlsoIs there that one Jedi that you really want to suffer death!! Why not s...
Member avatar small Madhead 43d
Madhead3261Small Sidious - DEV 27d

CA/AA sale

Kenosis cantina dant on the SillyWalker loooooooots vendorExperimentation Survey Music/danceJediMuch much more Loads for sale a lot cheaper than 100k a point you see on the bazaarDon't wait too long you may miss out !!!!!!
Member avatar small Madhead 64d
Madhead2336Member avatar small Madhead 39d

WTB Lightsaber Force Regen

Looking for all +'s on Lightsaber force regen.
Member avatar small irtehbom 39d
irtehbom1139Member avatar small irtehbom 39d

WTB - Binary Liquid -4 Mil

Send tell/mail in game.Phebus/Xhebus
Member avatar small KingPhebus 43d
KingPhebus2169Member avatar small Madhead 43d

Contract - Master Armor Smith

Armor must be made for IthorianPieces neededheadArms - all piecesFeetChestAll pieces must be 4 socketsColor: Forest greensend a tell or email to Coscks if you accept the contract.Starting Budjet: 1 million credits
Small Coscks 66d
Coscks1169Small Coscks 66d


Looking for a set of wookie armor, let me know what you have and how much.
Member avatar small Jumpmanx 70d
Jumpmanx9402Member avatar small Jumpmanx 69d

Weapon Exp Tapes

Does anyone have any for sale?
Member avatar small Stifle 121d
Stifle2377Member avatar small Shueisha 77d

LTB 10k of Chanlon Intrustive Ore

gerolaate Chanlon Intrusive Oreorfepaesairis Chanlon Intrusive Ore
Small Memnoch127 80d
Memnoch1271172Small Memnoch127 80d

WTT 25 Musical Mind Enhancement 25 CA

Looking to trade off a 25 Musical Mind Enhancement 25 ca, for a high end 1h wep, either msg me on here or in game Ducan
Member avatar small DaRat 91d
DaRat1258Member avatar small DaRat 91d

Paying Bounty for resources

To the first person who notifies me about Chromium Aluminum or Thoranium steel has spawned and on what planet.I will pay you 1 mill if you notify me before the metal is on Galaxy Harvester or 100k if you are the first to notify me after it is pos...
Member avatar small honkwomp 134d
honkwomp2464Member avatar small honkwomp 92d

Med Exp +4, 5 or 6 CA Tape

Looking for a Min +4 Medical Experimentation CA TapeI have a +3 if you would like that in trade I can include that with any credits you may want. I would rather use 1 tape rather than a +3 and then another + 1 or + 2. If you would prefer I could o...
Small ardo 99d
ardo1240Small ardo 99d

LTB BH chest plate & Right bracer

So almost have a complete suit but missing Right bracer and Chest plate. Anybody have either of these they are willing to trade or sell?If its a trade tell me what youre looking for and I can see if I have it or get it if its for sale whats your p...
Small Memnoch127 100d
Memnoch1273327Small Memnoch127 100d

LTB Irolunn reactive gas

Have any to sell, anyone? If so please reply, or message Uwo in game.Thanks.
Small exgallows 120d
exgallows3446Small exgallows 119d

Need to kill Mel? I gotz what you need.

Chip RocketBeubs here, and I am offering my service... To assassinate Mel.Lately, and all of those waiting know the pain, it is impossible to find a group for Mel WHEN YOU WANT IT!! I dont blame the server though, lol Others get nothing for helpin...
Member avatar small Lucyan 154d
Lucyan7971Member avatar small Akai 122d

Looking for a commando bunker

Please send me a W.P. and price.
Small bamneely 133d
bamneely4470Small bamneely 132d

WTB: Commando Weapon Loot

Do you like credits? Are you not a commando? Here's what I'm offering for any of the loot for making new commando weapons. Just offer to Nordic Weapons vendor on in South Coronet at 165, -5620Weapon Schematics from Arnold Quest: 500kDrops from ...
Member avatar small ioscode 144d
ioscode4636Member avatar small ioscode 139d

Buying Artifact Schematics 250k each

Paying 250k each for the looted commando artifact schematics!Please drop them off on Gun's Drop Off Vendor /waypoint -7087 -4113 in Intrepid on Naboo :)
Member avatar small box 141d
box1359Member avatar small box 141d