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[Pinned] SwgRogueOne Rules and Policies

SWG RogueOne Rules and Policies - READ THEM HERE
Small Sidious - DEV 38d
Sidious - DEV1111Small Sidious - DEV 38d

372-1054 unpupped carbine for sale

Taking offers on this.It pups over 1400 max.
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box4171Member avatar small Madhead 24h

wtb ditanium steel
Member avatar small Madhead 3d
Madhead176Member avatar small Madhead 3d

Acklay Power Hammer Auction

Auction End: Fri Apr. 28th 6pm Pacific TimeStarting Bid: 500kBid Increment: 100k min.Buyout: 5 millionYou are bidding on this item. I used it a little bit, just to break it in ;-)
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ioscode4152Small AKA Holy AKA H-T 5d

LF Best Bio-Engineer Pets!

I need top notch BE Pets.I need fast moving pets, preferably cats.I need 2 lvl 30 pets with LS resist(Best you can get them);1 with Intimidate/Poison and 1 with Plague/intimidate specials.I need 2 lvl 60 Pets with high LS resist and same specials....
Small Uthar 10d
Uthar2128Member avatar small PyscoJuggalo 9d

Anyone want / need Rancor stuff?

So would it be worth my time to post the 30 or 40 items I got from doing racors? Basically, I'm asking is anyone interested? If yes then please let me know and I'll take the time to post, the trade area here on the forum don't seem very active so ...
Small ardo 15d
ardo5262Small Olin 11d

Why Monkey around with insane prices!

Hey everyone!Draske Weapons is back online and ready to serve the community. Currently making melee with some select range (not all the resources have spawned for higher end range just yet). If you are in need or interested in weapons head just no...
Small Olin 12d
Olin1138Small Olin 12d

med supplies wanted

I know resources are scarce, but im looking for cure poison and disease crates, area ones would be awesome as well. also need crates of good liquid susp and BEC's email me what you have and the priceThanksRyn
Member avatar small ryn 18d
ryn2147Member avatar small honkwomp 18d

Master Ranger available for contracts

Need creature resources? Dont have time to farm them yourself? Then shoot me a PM or a tell in game and lets talk. Pricing depends on drop rateContact Imhotep Ofali for any Rangering needs.
Small Imhotep 29d
Imhotep1147Small Imhotep 29d

Master Antique Dealer

Up and running. I have posted many items today and will continue throughout the weekend. Vendor is located in the THOR mall located at -1048 -3626 Corellia.Gil Craft
Small Gil Craft 36d
Gil Craft1139Small Gil Craft 36d

Sooo ahhhh, any architects out there yet?

I am a simple man, I want a home on Rori were I can bring the wife, kids, and pet wookie. I want to live far away in the wilderness, far from the busy planets like Naboo or Corellia. I just want to sit back and fish, genocide gungans, and hunt t...
Member avatar small PyscoJuggalo 36d
PyscoJuggalo2169Member avatar small lordphat42 36d

WTB - WS Experimentation tapes

Paying or trading.Currently hold: +23 Food Experimentation tapesNS armguardAlso WS assembly tapesRzak/Lethos
Member avatar small lordphat42 38d
lordphat422172Member avatar small lordphat42 36d


News Alert! News Alert!....BUFF PACKS😍P744/3.5Hr/18QtyBUFFS FOR SALE, Outside Theed, Naboo, Vendor -6317 3216. Costs-60k, 1700+ With Bivoli, Doc Suit, SF Detachment HQ, would make decent buffs over 1800, Hey! get em while they hot!!!Will trade/ba...
Small Thornes 39d
Thornes5383Member avatar small Madhead 37d

WTB Resources

I'll buy any metal/chemical/energy at 5 cpu if anyone is looking to make a quick buck.Limited time offer with the server reset.
Small Blender 44d
Blender3287Small Blender 44d
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