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[Pinned] SwgRogueOne Rules and Policies

SWG RogueOne Rules and Policies - READ THEM HERE
Small Sidious - DEV 1y
Sidious - DEV1720Small Sidious - DEV 1y

CM Poison/Disease or Resources

Hey all I am looking for top tier pre-crafted poisons or diseases or the top resources to craft. Have some good biles and venoms and do not want to use crappy stuff on them.
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Ony 9716Member avatar small Ony 28d

Max Pistol or Tissue

I am looking for a pistol that has max damage on it. Basically 1200 when you add a PUP for it. I have a few mil to play with just have not seen anything like this on any vendors. I will also take equivalent Krayt tissue if anyone has any as well. ...
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Ony 8882Member avatar small Ony 38d

SB buffpacks

953 power 33 charge buff packs (very limited run) listed on my new vendor in CP mall
Small Banquo 47d
Banquo2441Small Gil Craft 47d


Well hello there...I am currently in the market for a high end Blasterfist. Currently have been running Geo with no luck on bones, so I am well aware of the cost factor, and I am very happy to pay. Please email me in game on Ofee with your price a...
Small Ofee 68d
Ofee4413Small Ofee 68d

jedi toughness tape or clothes

if anyone has any of this that they would be willing to part with please let me know... i have LOTS to offer... pretty much anything in game =)thanks,Bull
Small Bulldawg 71d
Bulldawg2331Small Bulldawg 68d

Buying ALL FS Resources

Buying all the FS Resource Containers you have, so come clear out your invntory and drop them on my vendor located in my Signature. Offering 10k per container so just drop them on there any way you like, be it in a backpack or singles!thanks,Bull
Small Bulldawg 68d
Bulldawg1211Small Bulldawg 68d


Want to buy Iwosis, Vendusii Crystal Amorphus Gemstone, or other Vendusii Crystal Amorphus Gemstone. Send /tell or in game mail to Beretta. Seeking 50K or more
Member avatar small Sedarae 79d
Sedarae1180Member avatar small Sedarae 79d

ISO Class 4 liq petro chem fuel

prefer the highest quality i can get, dont need too much around 10-20k is sufficient mail "misty" if you have some im checking the global bazaar every day to see if its on a vender! >.<
Member avatar small boba 81d
boba1185Member avatar small boba 81d

WTB Sith Shadow Resources

Looking to buy all of your Sith Shadow resources (doin' crafting village quest). PST /Mail Ryuask in-game for offers!
Member avatar small JohnFromSteam 105d
JohnFromSteam1225Member avatar small JohnFromSteam 105d

Need a little Teegrayl reactive gas

So I was collecting this reactive gas on Mandalore trying to get 1 million units for a Luxum crystal... It despawned and it turns out I got 996,000 units! So, I need like another 4k of it, let me know if you can help me out. I'll give you some c...
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ioscode1202Member avatar small ioscode 106d

+25 CA Music and Dance enhancement

LTB both music and dance enhancement +25 CA'sreplies pls
Small Indiana 107d
Indiana1231Small Indiana 107d

ISO amazing pistol for BH

i have almost 2 mil to play with i want to see what i can get. Any weapon smiths have a gem locked far away in the back of your house that you want to sell?
Member avatar small boba 133d
boba3464Member avatar small boba 132d

wtb pulse cannon

wtb pulse cannon. please reply if you have any available and price and stats
Member avatar small Zenith 152d
Zenith1284Member avatar small Zenith 152d

Jedi Toughness

Anybody seen any of these drop yet?Looking to buy if possible!
Member avatar small irtehbom 194d
irtehbom1486Member avatar small irtehbom 194d

WTB/WTT Binary liquid

looking to pay around 25mil or 280+ strength dot weapon I would tradeif you have inbox me or send /tell or mail to Madhead SillyWalker
Member avatar small Madhead 221d
Madhead5829Member avatar small Madhead 208d

Rent a kill

If your struggle to killing high end mobs or bunkers and want help send me a /tell I can help you kill anything from a nuna upto defeating mando/taanab bunkers / Mellichae AlsoIs there that one Jedi that you really want to suffer death!! Why not s...
Member avatar small Madhead 228d
Madhead3735Small Sidious - DEV 211d

CA/AA sale

Kenosis cantina dant on the SillyWalker loooooooots vendorExperimentation Survey Music/danceJediMuch much more Loads for sale a lot cheaper than 100k a point you see on the bazaarDon't wait too long you may miss out !!!!!!
Member avatar small Madhead 248d
Madhead2755Member avatar small Madhead 223d

WTB Lightsaber Force Regen

Looking for all +'s on Lightsaber force regen.
Member avatar small irtehbom 223d
irtehbom1425Member avatar small irtehbom 223d

WTB - Binary Liquid -4 Mil

Send tell/mail in game.Phebus/Xhebus
Member avatar small KingPhebus 227d
KingPhebus2540Member avatar small Madhead 227d