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[Pinned] SwgRogueOne Rules and Policies

SWG RogueOne Rules and Policies - READ THEM HERE
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Master Antique Dealer

Up and running. I have posted many items today and will continue throughout the weekend. Vendor is located in the THOR mall located at -1048 -3626 Corellia.Gil Craft
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Sooo ahhhh, any architects out there yet?

I am a simple man, I want a home on Rori were I can bring the wife, kids, and pet wookie. I want to live far away in the wilderness, far from the busy planets like Naboo or Corellia. I just want to sit back and fish, genocide gungans, and hunt t...
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WTB - WS Experimentation tapes

Paying or trading.Currently hold: +23 Food Experimentation tapesNS armguardAlso WS assembly tapesRzak/Lethos
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News Alert! News Alert!....BUFF PACKS😍P744/3.5Hr/18QtyBUFFS FOR SALE, Outside Theed, Naboo, Vendor -6317 3216. Costs-60k, 1700+ With Bivoli, Doc Suit, SF Detachment HQ, would make decent buffs over 1800, Hey! get em while they hot!!!Will trade/ba...
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WTB Resources

I'll buy any metal/chemical/energy at 5 cpu if anyone is looking to make a quick buck.Limited time offer with the server reset.
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