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Custom Items for RogueOne!
Post things you would like to see in game...(This does not mean it will get put in)
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A place to share your decorating achievements!
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General Discussion

Lothal Farm Invasion - 8 JAN 2016

Well I hope everyone has a good time at the Farm Invasion on Lothal yesterday here is the pic we took before we started the event as well as the link the video.Lothal Farm Invasion Video
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Sidious - DEV1860Small Sidious - DEV 1y
General Discussion

Player count

Is there any tracker we can see that shows player count/logins?
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General Discussion

do crafting tools and stations rating actually affect quality or experiment results?

do crafting tools and stations rating actually affect quality or experiment results?at least on this server....thank you
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General Discussion

Jedi unlock system.

Hey all ! I'm new to the server just wondering what the Jedi unlock system is ? Any tips ?
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General Discussion


Hello everyone and to those just getting here WELCOME!This is a NO JEDI event!!Since the other classes are the backbone of the Galactic Battle, We have talked about an arranged battle between the Imperial and Rebel factions. We do not want this to...
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General Discussion

New species question

I rolled a Duros and I'm not seeing any of the race stats being added in my skills window. (+10 harvesting etc.)Are they hidden stats or just not working yet?Also, I was wondering which of the new races can't wear gloves.I'm wanting to roll my PvP...
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Tsion2969Small Sidious - DEV 1y
General Discussion

coming from swg rev

since the swg rev server is shutting down a few of us are looking at other swg emu servers just wondering what the population/PVP is like and is this server set to Wipe at all.thanksMadhead SillyWalkerMuffinMans SillyWalkerGingerBreadMan SillyWalker
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Madhead102848Small Woha 1y
General Discussion

RogueOne Admin Changes

Corran has informed us that effective immediately he will no longer be an ingame Admin for RogueOne.His desire to be a player, enjoy content and lead the rebellion to victory out weighs his desire to provide ingame help.Corran will continue to hel...
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General Discussion

Talk about the upcoming patch Thread

Just wanted to put this here seeing we locked the Knight Trial thread cause it displays all the posts on the home page. So if you want to say something about the patch notes post it here.
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General Discussion

Thank You!

Just a quick shout out to our Devs, Thank You! We got our guild paintings the other day, and they are awesome! :)It's this kind of stuff that our Developers do for us that makes this server so special, truly a cut above the rest! :)DezPS: OMG have...
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Dez3796Small mrsthornes 1y
General Discussion

Knights Trial - Scale up rewards

Hi guys, i eard a lot of complain about the knight trial uber grind that we have to do, isn't so bad at all but it could be improved so the user could constantly have a feeling of we need to grind 200k xp to get only one box, what ...
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Coscks71337Small Sidious - DEV 1y
General Discussion

Getting "The Client has stopped working" message frequently

Hello!I updated the launcher on this computer for the new recent update.Sometimes the game runs, but often either the subject message comes up while playing the game and also often while attempting to logon.My wife's computer runs the game in wind...
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mapache2727Small Savage - DEV 1y
General Discussion

Carrie Fisher 1956-2016

She will always be our Princess!
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General Discussion


There has been a great disturbance in the FORCE!I have played this game since Alpha thru to the NGE and then lost all HOPE. This server has boomed with "personality" in the coding and is now becoming what Smedley should have done. If this progress...
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Thornes2721Small Sidious - DEV 1y
General Discussion

New Planet pretty

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General Discussion

Holiday Greetings

Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas.
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General Discussion

Crafting Bonus Housing

Where do I go here in the forums to find out what I need to gather to make the Weaponsmith House? I found out what I need for the cafe, but I need to find out which bunker it is for WS/AS, and also thinking about that garage.
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General Discussion

Great job on the Pimp My House Contest!

Hello!I just finished casting my vote on the Pimp My House contest and must say everyone's entries were awesome! There was some really cool decorations that I might even try to replicate if that is ok. It was fun to go through and see what everyo...
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Dez112844Small Firecracker 1y
General Discussion

Getting into the Christmas Spirit

Got the tree up in the City of Deception on Tatooine, now to get the one set up in my living room on Earth, hehe. Who else is starting to get into the Christmas spirit? I am stumped for a tree topper, any ideas?Dez
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Dez82051Small Savage - DEV 1y
General Discussion

Questions before I begin..

Okay, so my discs that were not supposed to be here until Monday arrived just now. While I am loading them up, I wanted to know if there was anything else other than the Rogueone launcherI need to download. I know it sounds stupid, but for some st...
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