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Custom Items for RogueOne!
Post things you would like to see in game...(This does not mean it will get put in)
Everything Hutt
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A place to share your decorating achievements!
A place to chat about things not SWG!
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General Discussion

I got me () back

Just a thanks! Dunno what you did but thanks devs
Member avatar small Honkwomp1 1y
Honkwomp12849Small Dez 1y
General Discussion

Color schemes

Right now, it looks like you have to install the NGE icons installer in order to get the black color schemes. I don't really like the NGE icons, but I really love the extra schemes. I really love the black schemes, I finally have enough contrast...
Member avatar small Honkwomp1 1y
Honkwomp161910Small Shemploo 1y
General Discussion

Alkhara Bandits on Tattooine

Looking for some help real quick on info. The googles aren't really helping much. So here is the deal, I'm actively hunting for the Floral Recycler Schematics and Creature Recycler Schematics. Floral drops off Bloodrazors on Lok, and I need it les...
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General Discussion

Mustafar & Kashyyk (ModTheGalaxy) it can get implemented :P
Small Shemploo 1y
Shemploo1707Small Shemploo 1y
General Discussion

camera zoom

Is there anyway to change the camera zoom... i've used my mouse wheel, chase camera options, and graphic options on the game and it will zoom in like looking up at the character's butt but when i adjust it zooms way out again and I can't seem to g...
Member avatar small Nebula 1y
Nebula51510Small Sidious - DEV 1y
General Discussion

city walls

can anyone help me with removing some walls in a city...I am the mayor of said city...I have tried /tar long and it targets the wall....but when I use tilda I just get an examine option in the radial menu...
Member avatar small Rosilynda 1y
Rosilynda61674Member avatar small Rosilynda 1y
General Discussion

Arsenalist/Blacksmith changes

I want to make sure I understand what was recently done to Blacksmith and Arsenalist, because I'm getting mixed info in game. Were the experimentation points reduced for these professions? Were they taken down from a temporary higher number over a...
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.-.103498Member avatar small Honkwomp1 1y
General Discussion

Packet LOSS in Windows 10

Greetings,I have been running into packet loss spikes sometimes 5 sometimes percent.I have two dedicated internet connections which are business speed and lines.I ran several network tests and nothing pointed out to my isp or anything.I also play ...
Member avatar small Tearawayz 1y
Tearawayz144025Small Sidious - DEV 1y
General Discussion

Wnidows 10

Does SWG (an empire divided) work on windows 10? I am having issues that are having issues trying to install discs on second Hd.
Member avatar small Taigon 1y
Taigon2900Small Savage - DEV 1y
General Discussion

Harvester crafting help

I do apologize for all these questions. Just trying to learn this server and get with the programI am able to grab 16.34 med mineral harvesters. Now based on what I recall from live, it seems to be that heavies were 3-4 BER higher. I don't reme...
Member avatar small Honkwomp1 1y
Honkwomp151721Member avatar small Honkwomp1 1y
General Discussion

Harvester rates

Getting settled in and decided to make me an artisan. I bought a couple of fusion generators, figgered that energy would be a good place to start. Same day radioactive spawned with a PE of 53 hahaMy previous server, a good harvester was around 2...
Member avatar small Honkwomp1 1y
Honkwomp151778Small Thornes 1y
General Discussion

galaxy harvester

No posts yet
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General Discussion

Rancor Teeth

Purchasing bulk amount of Rancor Teeth must be over 100/170 other stats do not matter... I will be overpaying for them... If interested please send a tell to Roy or Lockheed.Thanks,Roy<IAF>
Member avatar small TShaw516 1y
TShaw5161784Member avatar small TShaw516 1y
General Discussion

Launcher Woes...

Hey Guys just wanted to let you know we are working on a new launcher to help ease the issues we are having with the launcher. We hope to make it a little user friendly. Sorry for any issues you are having and thanks for hanging in there!!!Savage
Small Savage - DEV 1y
Savage - DEV2889Small ~*Angelique*~ 1y
General Discussion

Friday 13th = Order 66?

So... Order 66. It is often felt that Order 66 was the original Friday the 13th ... (long time ago in a galaxy far away)... or maybe the event from medieval European history and the sacking of the Knights Templar on Friday the 13th was the basis o...
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.-.2988Small Ofee 1y
General Discussion

a youtube review of SWGRogueOne

guess what peeps, our server got a review on youtube, wooohoo. Good job devs.
Small Vlhad 1y
Vlhad1813Small Vlhad 1y
General Discussion

Before I delete my Deveronian...

I had Sevarius mostly leveled up as a smuggler/tk/pistoleer without being able to stat migrate him in hopes that the stat migrations would be fixed. I benched him waiting on the fix. Now that the fix is here, but it's my understanding that they ar...
Member avatar small .-. 1y
.-.2905Small Savage - DEV 1y
General Discussion

Weird suggestion for a Combat Medic/Doctor Mod

A friend and I are over in the C-Net Cantina grinding Entertainer Healing Xp, and we're doing pretty good right now.But I have an idea. Ok we all know that a Combat Medic (I believe is the one that can do area heal). There might be a command out...
Small SithHunta 1y
SithHunta1706Small SithHunta 1y
General Discussion

For the Imps....

Small Savage - DEV 1y
Savage - DEV31002Small Ofee 1y
General Discussion

Looking for a home

Hello,It has been a long time since I played SWG. I was told to check out this server. How is the population on this server? Will I see a good amount of people online while playing? Are the factions pretty much evenly spread?
Member avatar small WildCard 1y
WildCard71505Small Imhotep 1y