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Custom Items for RogueOne!
Post things you would like to see in game...(This does not mean it will get put in)
Everything Hutt
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A place to share your decorating achievements!
A place to chat about things not SWG!
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General Discussion

Twilek Entertainer

The revamp of stats for Twileks, is it as before...Create new toon and increase base through Stat Migration?
Small Indiana 305d
Indiana81080Small Dez 303d
General Discussion

Galaxy Harvester

This is sorta off topic for the server but I am betting the odds are best here for an answerDoes anyone know how to make galaxy harvester default to R1. It keeps resetting to Bas and even if I log in, it stays on Bas
Member avatar small honkwomp 305d
honkwomp4897Member avatar small honkwomp 304d
General Discussion


I found you guys through DragoniteSMP's comment on Reddit.I have a few questions before I get invested though if you don't mind answering:1. Is this Pre-CU?2. Does this have all of the Pre-CU classes with an emphasis on DE, CH, CMD-O?3. I read 2 c...
Small Pop 308d
Pop2630Member avatar small Rosilynda 308d
General Discussion

Starting Wookiee Armor

Can the starting wookiee armor also be raised to 65% to the wookiees a fighting chance as well? Thanks
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Repoejr3640Small Blender 309d
General Discussion


Sorry, I know you guys will probably get hammered with questions, but do you guys have any idea what custom content can stay? I am very curious about the professions, specifically miner :)Thank you!
Small Starbane 311d
Starbane61145Small Savage - DEV 309d
General Discussion

Thanks for the support!

Just wanted to thank everyone on Rogue One who wished me luck on my Security+. As of today, I am now a proud owner of a CompTIA Security+ Certification.You guys sent good vibes my way, and that positive charm of yours helped. So thanks to all of you.
Member avatar small bewchakka 310d
bewchakka1386Member avatar small bewchakka 310d
General Discussion

How do certificatiins work with the NGE weapons and such?

Just curious how to become certified in these NGE weapons. Do they have certifications like Pre-CU weapons do?
Member avatar small PyscoJuggalo 314d
PyscoJuggalo2570Member avatar small Avari 313d
General Discussion

Muffinman, leave me alone!

I don’t like laying on the groundWhile Bounty Hunters pound and pound.I just don’t like to PVPSo Jedi ain’t a thing for meI cannot fight, I cannot run, I cannot use a great big gunPlease my friend, do me a favorGet me something meaner than this s...
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honkwomp3994Member avatar small Madhead 318d
General Discussion

<CTRL> Mini Events (Currently not coming back)

The guild &lt;CTRL&gt; put on a fun little event for people this afternoon. We played hide and seek for cash prizes. It was a lot of fun and I want to thank everyone again for participating.&lt;CTRL&gt; plans to bring you lots of different events ...
Small Firecracker 352d
Firecracker215643Small Dez 320d
General Discussion

Letter to the Developers!

Thank you, for all that you do. If not for your diligence and commitment we would not all be here to play this awesome game!We have seen a good growth spurt the last few weeks, and I have to say, it is really cool to see more folks wandering aroun...
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Dez92046Small Zekken 321d
General Discussion

Gilcraft, Olin, Kam, Roost and folks :)

Hey all just popped into say hi. Wanted to share a pic with an old comrade for those that came over.Enedi, if you remember him, came through town and decided to drop by with a gift of crown royal and not your fathers rootbeer :)Anyhow here's the p...
Small eqsanctum 348d
eqsanctum41215Small Olin 329d
General Discussion

Updating Galaxy Harvester; Surveyors Wanted!

After talking it over with my survey hound predecessors, we decided it would be in the server's best interests to move to the automated input system for adding resources to the GH lists. The request is in to powers that be, but of course it will ...
Small RabidChinchilla 365d
RabidChinchilla113816Member avatar small huxgux69 340d
General Discussion


Thank you guys so much for the new server and all your hard work on it. It is awesome! Been sitting at a lovely 54 ping since it came online. :DI look forward to getting back to recruiting more people to the server from other games. :D THANKS AGAI...
Small Firecracker 346d
Firecracker91597Member avatar small Madhead 345d
General Discussion

Getting booted

Anyone else having an issue with being booted after being afk for a short time? I've tried multiple macros including a soft log macro, moving away from crowded areas. Not sure what else I can try
Small Azrael 354d
Azrael71597Small Gil Craft 349d
General Discussion

Server Growth and Lag

*UPDATE...New server has been purchased and is not being built! More infor to follow.Hello All,Just wanted to give you(s) and update on the current situation of the server. Since we have experienced some massive growth in the past few weeks, whic...
Small Savage - DEV 350d
Savage - DEV1837Small Savage - DEV 350d
General Discussion

Screen Size

Is there anyway to increase the size of the game screen and put it into window mode. Forgive me if it is very simple to do I just can't seem to find a way to do it.I do remember it being on the launcher for SWGEmu so iam not sure where to go now a...
Small The Sheriff 364d
The Sheriff134073Member avatar small Honkwomp1 352d
General Discussion

I got me () back

Just a thanks! Dunno what you did but thanks devs
Member avatar small Honkwomp1 353d
Honkwomp12698Small Dez 353d
General Discussion

Color schemes

Right now, it looks like you have to install the NGE icons installer in order to get the black color schemes. I don't really like the NGE icons, but I really love the extra schemes. I really love the black schemes, I finally have enough contrast...
Member avatar small Honkwomp1 355d
Honkwomp161574Small Shemploo 353d
General Discussion

Alkhara Bandits on Tattooine

Looking for some help real quick on info. The googles aren't really helping much. So here is the deal, I'm actively hunting for the Floral Recycler Schematics and Creature Recycler Schematics. Floral drops off Bloodrazors on Lok, and I need it les...
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General Discussion

Mustafar & Kashyyk (ModTheGalaxy) it can get implemented :P
Small Shemploo 355d
Shemploo1609Small Shemploo 355d