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Custom Items for RogueOne!
Post things you would like to see in game...(This does not mean it will get put in)
Everything Hutt
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A place to share your decorating achievements!
A place to chat about things not SWG!
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General Discussion

Windows 10 Dual Screen

I have windows 10 i7-6700K CPU @ 4.00GHz with 64GB RAM with a Radeon RX 480 Graphics card. I have a dual screen set up and don't have any problems moving any other game or app between the two screens in windowed mode. However I can't seem to get...
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Stormgeald61208Member avatar small honkwomp 334d
General Discussion

Return of Japa Daba

greetings to all I have returned to rogue one
Small Japa Daba 339d
Japa Daba1476Small Japa Daba 339d
General Discussion

You now Qualify for the skill: Novice Badge Hunter, Huuh?

So I now Qualify for the skill: Novice Badge Hunter...Except I don't have any idea what that is let alone how to train in it even if I wanted to, or what its used for, the Descriptions are not very descriptive so any ideas what its good for?
Small ardo 339d
ardo2728Small Savage - DEV 339d
General Discussion

Using Vendors as storage

If you do this, would you be so kind as to unregister your vendor. The wearable container listing is getting pretty ragged with all these 99999999999 listings Mastercraft and Gold, I am gonna mention you speficially on the wearable containers, bu...
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General Discussion

<WiLD> Fishing Tournament 5.20.17

General Contest Rules &amp; Entry:• Anyone is welcome to participate in these contests.• Some species are incapable of holding fishing poles.• There is no buy-in or token required for these contests.• You will require a fishing pole and some bait ...
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General Discussion

Post so you can see me

Small titanwallace007 343d
titanwallace0071433Small titanwallace007 343d
General Discussion

[Guide] Jedi Unlock

Anyone got one for R1? :D
Small Uthar 1y
Uthar41514Member avatar small JediFett 344d
General Discussion

1v1 PVP tournement 9pm est!!!!!

east of kenosis behind the guild hallthere is a stadium opponents will be randomno squad leader'sentry fee is 100k winner takes all/tell muffinman/gingerbreadgirl for more info
Member avatar small Madhead 348d
Madhead1544Member avatar small Madhead 348d
General Discussion

1v1 PVP tournement

100k entry fee open to all combat toonsall matches will be randomised so that it makes it fair because we all know range &gt; stacker Jedi &gt; rangeStacker &gt; Jediall fights will be no deathblow duel's and will be placed on top of a guild hall ...
Member avatar small Madhead 355d
Madhead101835Member avatar small Madhead 348d
General Discussion

TK-441s Texture Work!

Hey there guys!I'm joining the dev team here soon (Or trying to atleast) and thought that I might show some of my SWG work from yesterday.I do texturing so I figured the first thing I'd retexture from SWG in 4K would be the Mando Helmet.and then I...
Small TK441 1y
TK441164851Small TK441 348d
General Discussion

Event Notification

I guess its because I do not know where to look or I do not hang you in general chat at all but once in a blue there any place we can look to see upcoming events I have missed them all due to not having a clue where and when they are.Kodaa...
Small Kodaan 350d
Kodaan3935Member avatar small Madhead 349d
General Discussion

The community...

Has become rather toxic as of late.There was a time when we had fun here and didn't have people that abused the system (AFK farming is no longer profitable, but since the one's doing it already have what they wanted, it's just borked for the rest ...
Small Ofee 352d
Ofee72270Small RogueOne 351d
General Discussion

Heated Communication in Gen Chat

Hello Rouges!I know that things have been getting a little crazy in Gen Chat. I would like to see that end. People come here to unwind and have fun. Politics, hating on a country's leader, religion and personal attacks, have no place here. Take it...
Small Obi-Ton Kenewbi - Admin 353d
Obi-Ton Kenewbi - Admin1514Small Obi-Ton Kenewbi - Admin 353d
General Discussion

force sensitive quests

i have a question about force sensitive questsfirst and second quests i have finishedboth sith shadows had no loot, no waypoint to the camp.i am waiting for a new sith shadow spawn for 24 hoursHow Long do you have to wait for quest 3?Thanks for he...
Member avatar small Mantra 353d
Mantra1557Member avatar small Mantra 353d
General Discussion

Bestine Election Quest - Not Active?

I was trying to do the Bestine Election quest but none of the NPC"s will speak with me. When I asked in chat someone told me "it isn't an actively working quest". What does that mean, is it turned off by Dev's, is it broke, is it in a non voting p...
Small Dez 359d
Dez1513Small Dez 359d
General Discussion

Aloha from the grave!

Hey guys! Bet you thought you'd never see me again after god knows how long xD Hope you're all doing well.
Small Tifa Lockhart 359d
Tifa Lockhart1538Small Tifa Lockhart 359d
General Discussion

some pvp maybe?

We will dropping a SF imperial base in kenosis on sunday. time TBA. open invite for all rebels to come out for attack and all imperials to come out and defend! trying to get some form of pvp going.
Member avatar small Tsion 363d
Tsion2556Small Revith 362d
General Discussion

Have some respect please...

When running missions, please don't leave mobs all over and simply kill the nest/base for credits. It creates a problem when trying to place a harvester and simply stated is rude. We are a community, and I hope that we can continue to be one.
Small Ofee 1y
Ofee2673Small tehmulletman 1y
General Discussion

Question about Player City Rank 5

I have been googling to see what features are available with each rank of a city. Nothing is ever listed for Rank 5 other than the maximum radius is expanded. Large gardens, Shuttle and such are available in Rank 4. My question is what benefit is ...
Small Dez 1y
Dez2680Small Dez 1y
General Discussion

missing hundreds of items

any one else missing hundreds of items after the patch ???
Small pathless 1y
pathless61433Small pathless 1y