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Custom Items for RogueOne!
Post things you would like to see in game...(This does not mean it will get put in)
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General Discussion

name creation

I created a toon and acidently made him an artisan when he was suppossed to be brawler. So I deleted him and re-created the correct toon and now it wont give me the name even though the toon is deleted. Is there a chance I will get that name back??
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General Discussion

Vendor problem?

Anyone know if vendors are currently Bugged? I tried to check maintenance on the one that I had and it wouldn't go then I tried to do everything else you can do with one to include destroying it. I can add items and take items off but nothing else...
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General Discussion

Did someone say Survey Droids?????

This is gonna be awesome!since you figured this part out,might there be a way to use said droids for creature resources? I know I'm probably living in a dream world,but doesn't hurt to ask.Awesome work BTW!
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General Discussion

Just because
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General Discussion

@Savage & Rise of the Pirates

There better be rum...
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General Discussion

Sneak peek?

im not the best model. but here ya go!
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General Discussion

Kenner figures from original trilogy

Anyone know if these two in the red box are actual Star Wars figures? and if so, what their names are.
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General Discussion

Storm trooper guild

So just kicking this idea around here. I've seen Imperial guilds here however most people just don't wear Faction armor or do things in group. Just seems like were lacking a true imperial presence.Just wondering if anybody would be interested in f...
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General Discussion

Interested in playing here

Hello all, I play in basi and I am interested in playing here. What is the xp system? And how many active IPs during prime time.. appreciate your time.. thank you.
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General Discussion

Mando bunker elite mobs drops

Has anyone looted a commando artifact schematic lately? I've been killing elite mobs in various bunkers over last week or two and gotten like 20 of the other commando drops, but no schematics. Maybe they were made more rare or removed?
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General Discussion

@Savage & TC help

I am unable to log on any of my characters on TC. I get the following error... "The planet in which your character is stored is disabled". I'm guessing Tanaab is not turned on? If you can port Gil & Karnoc to Cnet, it would be great.ThanksGil
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General Discussion

Savage Certification Event

Savage Towing Service
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General Discussion

Jedi visibility

I have literally seen tons of Jedi with their lightsabers equipped and stand AFK for hours in a cantina and they never pop up on the BH terms.Over the last 3-5 days or so there have been no Jedi on the terms. Yet you drive by the Squill Cave and s...
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General Discussion

new commando weapons question

which are for the acid line in commando and which are for the flamer line just so i know with moves to use
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General Discussion

Watch your 6

I have spent the last week working with a company that contacted me for a work-at-home position. This newly emerging tech company was in Bloomberg Business Week (magazine) as a new and innovative startup. The interview seemed to go exceptionally ...
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General Discussion

Weapon facility breakin

click here Troubled Rebel Princess
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General Discussion

Something wrong?

Half of the people got kicked from the server and now can't get back in?Anyone know whats up? OK now it is showing down on the launcher just not the site.
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General Discussion

Trick or Treat Race Track

I was looking for this last track anyone have any idea where it might be?
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General Discussion


It's from NGE but I would LOVE to see player bounties in game. Is that a possibility?
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General Discussion

dual boxing

Haven't seen any posts on boxing 2 accounts. First, are there any rogue 1 rules against dual-boxing 2 toons at the same time on the same account?If allowed, what boxing software are you using? I used issboxer on revelations, but the mouse issue be...
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