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Custom Items for RogueOne!
Post things you would like to see in game...(This does not mean it will get put in)
Everything Hutt
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A place to share your decorating achievements!
A place to chat about things not SWG!
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General Discussion


Happy Birthday Savage! Many more may you have.
Small Thornes 239d
Thornes101191Member avatar small Madhead 238d
General Discussion

exar kun easy mode
Small Banquo 242d
Banquo1415Small Banquo 242d
General Discussion

new update?

I opened the launcher this morning to find it updating. Was there an update, Idont see anything on the forums or the launcher about it and it appears that the XP was reduced?
Member avatar small Taigon 243d
Taigon2459Small Sidious - DEV 243d
General Discussion

All race track information

Cant seem to find the information, and yes, I googled it. However I cannot find all required 9 for my unlock.Any resources posted here that I could not cleverly locate via search criteria.
Member avatar small Curgon 245d
Curgon2498Member avatar small TheFatDaddy 245d
General Discussion

first grievous kill?

Small Banquo 245d
Banquo1337Small Banquo 245d
General Discussion

Hutts & Stat Migration

Hi,So ive been having a lot of trouble migrating the stats on my new Hutt characterJust wanted to know is this a known thing?Ive been trying to minimize its Health and Action, and maximise all 7 other stats (which is my usual setup for most charac...
Member avatar small istarym 245d
istarym3390Member avatar small istarym 245d
General Discussion

Resource -> Galaxy Harvester

Now that Savage has been kind enough to run occasional updates on Galaxy Harvester, I thought I'd start a thread where we can make notes of extra surveys and updates that we've done, to prevent duplication.Savage ran the update yesterday, 22nd Aug...
Member avatar small netyoda 246d
netyoda2364Small Savage - DEV 246d
General Discussion

What are things not getting fixed as fast as normal.

So we hear you guys and we are working on bug fixes like we always do but I'm sure you guys are wondering why they are taking so long to get pushed out correct?Well here is the answer....Currently right now Savage, Obi, and Zero pretty much doing ...
Small Sidious - DEV 251d
Sidious - DEV5806Small Cozdragon 247d
General Discussion

Missing race?

So I've been gone, and I cameback finnaly today, and find the Kubaz missing in action?Can anyone fillme in?
Small Xolo 250d
Xolo5672Small Xolo 249d
General Discussion

Player Base Pole

Just wondering what people are most into on the server 😀
Small pathless 250d
pathless2507Member avatar small Taigon 250d
General Discussion

Journeyman Live

So I noticed with Journeyman going live it was stripped of all the awesome stats that made journeyman awesome, and allowed Jedi to Compete with BH (Jedi toughness, melee def, state def, etc.). Why we're they stripped out?
Member avatar small Xhedias 254d
Xhedias6963Small Savage - DEV 252d
General Discussion

Cant launch RO

I have followed the instructions game wont launch.Banquo spent several hours of his own time with me, thanks so much Banquo your just as awesome here as you were in HW, to do a clean install of all things SWG EMU and RO. The launcher updated but g...
Member avatar small Taigon 257d
Taigon4546Small Banquo 255d
General Discussion

Ranger hut

Hey allSo after quite a stint, i have returned...lots happened...but i digress...So I see the Ranger hut...placeable on all this begs two questions.1) it's mentioned that its "Ranger only"....does this mean it is non-tradable?2) Does...
Small Xolo 257d
Xolo7802Small Xolo 256d
General Discussion

playing around with Gimp

Small Banquo 257d
Banquo2441Member avatar small netyoda 256d
General Discussion


basilisk may be wiping. we might be seeing a surge in player growth. i hope so!
Small Banquo 260d
Banquo51006Small Thornes 259d
General Discussion

Housing Storage limits?

Sorry if I missed this, what are the storage capacity on housing. I looked through the forums but didnt find anything on this. As a heavy crafter and Gatherer borderline hoarde,r I had to have my own city and max alts across 2 accounts (was permis...
Member avatar small Taigon 263d
Taigon3643Member avatar small netyoda 262d
General Discussion

Factory efficiency

I do not know when it happened but you can now experiment factory efficiency up. I do not believe this was even in liveThese are hidden stats, but they do indeed effect the time required per itemFound this out today running Electronic Distributor...
Member avatar small honkwomp 281d
honkwomp61130Small Aisi 265d
General Discussion

Sidious needs a forum sig made

Ok all you folks out there that have some gimp or photoshop skills I need a sig not just for here but for a couple of different starwars based forums so if your good with either or just want to take a stab at it post up your work here...Requiremen...
Small Sidious - DEV 275d
Sidious - DEV102114Small Sidious - DEV 269d
General Discussion

NGE buildings in game?

Hi everyone!I'm new to this server and while I'm waiting for a code from the devs for activation I was wondering if most or even all of the buildings from NGE are available? Are the available as drops or purchases from vendors? Same questions appl...
Small JoeDirt 272d
JoeDirt5871Small JoeDirt 272d
General Discussion

Mustafar Table

Can anyone tell me if the Mustafar tables are in game?More specifically the one in the below photo. I remember them coming out with the Trials of Obi-Wan expansion and loved using them down in my Mustafarian bunker.Thanks for the help on this par...
Small Darkfin 277d
Darkfin1441Small Darkfin 277d