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Custom Items for RogueOne!
Post things you would like to see in game...(This does not mean it will get put in)
Everything Hutt
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A place to share your decorating achievements!
A place to chat about things not SWG!
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there is no section for computer, perepherials, software, hardware discussion, I wiil ask here.Does or has anyone had any experience with SADES headphones? Particularly the SADES SA-907? I plug it into the USB and and get the folloeing notice "the...
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General Discussion

Brandy consperacy thread!

So it seem that there are many strange and odd things about Brandy. 1. Brandy is part of a cult.2. Brandy is married or the significant other to Savage.3. Brandy is married to Cimarron and Savage (hence the cult rumors)4. Brandy is really Ellen De...
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Dantae12784Small Eha Vese 178d
General Discussion

Pub 9 Question / Jedi Unlock

This is hypothetical scenario. If someone unlocked and did everything but the Mellichae fight and the publish drops, will they have to start all over? Or still be at the same spot?Just wondering how the transition will go if anyone has any insight...
Small Starbane 181d
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General Discussion

Brandy Good Luck Charms

Brandy wears pink tinfoil on her head to bring her good luck. What are some of the things you do for luck in SWG?
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General Discussion

Introduction and Search

Hello Everyone - I am in the process of purchasing a physical disc since I cant find my old one. I am very interested in playing again and looking for an active guild/group to play with. I often play during the day as I work from home.Thanks in ...
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General Discussion

Question about the state of Powers

A few months back some skills were disabled in the Powers line. Have those been restored?Thanks
Small Spiritwolf 183d
Spiritwolf2332Small Bulldawg 182d
General Discussion

Question about Galaxy Tokens

I have not been playing a lot, but do get on to run missions and keep up my maintenance on stuff. When hunting Voritors on Dantooine I used to get 1 token every few mobs, with a rare 500 token chip once in a while. Today I have not been getting ...
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Dez6653Small Dez 183d
General Discussion

Grinding Galaxy Tokens

does anyone know what mobs are the best to grind galaxy tokens? Ones that steadily drop the 500 tokens.Thanks in advance.
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General Discussion

Tips for New Players

Welcome to Rogue One!!!!!!1. When you arrive at the space station after creating your character this it the time to do a stat migration. Most people put everything into their mind, but make sure your stats match your planned template.2. When your ...
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General Discussion

Can't log in

apparently i can't log in to the game, and it tells me to contact an administrator. Do I need permission first?
Small jackthechampion 190d
jackthechampion3357Small Toeki Teine 190d
General Discussion


That was a fun event in CNET last night. I just happened to be running through and came across it. Do they happen on a regular basis?
Small Eha Vese 206d
Eha Vese2363Small Darkfin 206d
General Discussion

Recyclers, and their parts

Ive been trying to put together a set of recyclers, pretty much since i started here thirty-something days agoThe main focus for me is crafting, ive no wish or inclination to really play a combat toon, but ive made one, mostly to just pay the main...
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istarym4826Small tehmulletman 207d
General Discussion

new patch this morning

Is anyone else experiencing client crashes to desktop since the patch this morning. I couldnt find any patch notes to help me to troubleshoot what is causing this issue. I had in game plans this morning and now i cant get my fix.
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Taigon2336Small Bulldawg 208d
General Discussion

Question about pulling down a City...

If I pull up our City Hall, Shuttle, Bank and Cloner, What will happen to my Cantina and Medical Center? Will they remain as long as I keep up their maintenance?Thanks!
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Dez8564Small Dez 209d
General Discussion

Jedi Templates

Anybody got some good ideas for Jedi Templates?
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irtehbom71310Small Banquo 230d
General Discussion

Smugglers slicing question

Hello to anybody with a smuggler. Can you please let me know what your average armor slices tend to be? I seem to get almost exclusively encumbrance slices every time I slice something. Like for instance today I attempted to slice 15 pieces or arm...
Small Memnoch127 235d
Memnoch1272542Small Memnoch127 232d
General Discussion

Hello all!

New to rogue one. Just saying hey!
Small Carter 234d
Carter4647Member avatar small Taigon 232d
General Discussion

Jedi pre journeyman problems

My template is MS/MDDo I have any chance against high end mobs such as krayts? I went there earlier and got hit for 1.3 - 1.7k per shot and ran out of force due to constant heals. Does journeyman make much of a difference for PVE or shall I stick...
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irtehbom2553Small pathless 234d
General Discussion

Oddness in my data pad.

Was looking at my data pad a while back after an update and it seems the schematics I had saved in there to use to compare what I made with my doc this last round of crafting are gone but the slots are still being taken up...o.O Anyone know how to...
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ardo1249Small ardo 235d
General Discussion

Website Started

Hi all, I don't know if this is the right place to post this, so I apologize if it isn't.First I want to say to the DEVs, what you have done is amazing. So much of what I hoped to find on the original SOE SWG is starting to come true here and bo...
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