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Custom Items for RogueOne!
Post things you would like to see in game...(This does not mean it will get put in)
Everything Hutt
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A place to share your decorating achievements!
A place to chat about things not SWG!
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General Discussion

looking to get account approved please :)

making a post to get account approved
Member avatar small seemeet 62d
seemeet4241Small BOLSEVIKOS37 12d
General Discussion

hi guys

Hey I'm new :D
Member avatar small dxckidz 17d
dxckidz287Small Mas Amedda - SA 16d
General Discussion


Doing this so I can be activated
Member avatar small DavidZ525 18d
DavidZ525278Small Cozdragon 17d
General Discussion

Happy New Year!!!!!!!

Be safe out there...
Small Ofee 20d
Ofee262Small Mas Amedda - SA 20d
General Discussion

Holiday Greetings, the Sequel

Please enjoy your Season, regardless of how you celebrate (or may have already done so) even you rascally Rebels... *wanders off muttering about kids and lawns*
Small Ofee 27d
Ofee2126Small Zaydah 25d
General Discussion

Please update your launchers

The Christmas Event has ended. Please update your launchers before entering the game.Thanks
Small Mas Amedda - SA 25d
Mas Amedda - SA173Small Mas Amedda - SA 25d
General Discussion

Can not launch SWG

I had to restore my laptop last night due to a power outage. Reinstalled SWG and R1 launcher. Followed all of the guidelines provided and all TRE files needed are installed. I click on the R1 launcher and it updates, but then no SWG. Did I do some...
Small AKA Holy 32d
AKA Holy13360Small AKA Holy 31d
General Discussion

A quick thank you!!!!!

As always the devs and csrs have been working hard to add some amazing content to this server. With publish 9 eminently arriving, I would like to take a second to thank them for all the hard work they put in so that I can have fun.You will often h...
Member avatar small kiss thegirl 48d
kiss thegirl15783Member avatar small Morpheus420 44d
General Discussion

any one looting jedi tapes ??

I havent seen any jedi tapes drop in a long while, was wondering if any one has seen any drop ?
Small pathless 49d
pathless4224Member avatar small Magoon 49d
General Discussion

Please remove the baddies from coronet

Thank you for the custom content. I do not agree with the placement of the baddies right smack dab in the middle of newbie grindville and right at the entrance to the start port, but it took effort to set all that up, so thanksBut it is long past...
Member avatar small honkwomp 52d
honkwomp2203Small Mas Amedda - SA 52d
General Discussion


does the server get restarted once a week?
Member avatar small Morpheus420 60d
Morpheus4202219Small Rocknards 59d
General Discussion


where is the best location to get doc and ent buffs?
Small danimal425 63d
danimal4253178Member avatar small honkwomp 62d
General Discussion

[WIP] Semi-flat UI Reskin and R1 Sith Login

After a whole lot of tinkering I've been making slow progress on a total UI re-theme the past couple of weeks since returning to SWGemu after five years away. R1 has quickly become my favorite server, and with the new Vader login splash overwriti...
Small Apex 361d
Apex133151Member avatar small Script 68d
General Discussion

Win 20 million credits!!!

This contest is somewhat simple. Just post a few paragraphs describing your LIVE experience from the time you started, the moment you knew you were addicted, etc. Id like it to be in a story format and fun to read. The contest will run until ...
Small Banquo 78d
Banquo12800Small Mas Amedda - SA 70d
General Discussion

Junk Dealers

I thought that I might add this. It came from live but may helpWeapon Junk Dealers-257 -4375 Coronet, Corellia4809 -4663 Moenia, Naboo-6204 1846 Jawa Traders, Tatooine *Note: Must Have 1xxx Smuggler to understand*443 4879 Nym's Stronghold, Lok3202...
Member avatar small daspeco 76d
daspeco1173Member avatar small daspeco 76d
General Discussion


there is no section for computer, perepherials, software, hardware discussion, I wiil ask here.Does or has anyone had any experience with SADES headphones? Particularly the SADES SA-907? I plug it into the USB and and get the folloeing notice "the...
Member avatar small Taigon 124d
Taigon6422Member avatar small Taigon 78d
General Discussion

Brandy consperacy thread!

So it seem that there are many strange and odd things about Brandy. 1. Brandy is part of a cult.2. Brandy is married or the significant other to Savage.3. Brandy is married to Cimarron and Savage (hence the cult rumors)4. Brandy is really Ellen De...
Small Dantae 84d
Dantae12501Small Eha Vese 82d
General Discussion

Pub 9 Question / Jedi Unlock

This is hypothetical scenario. If someone unlocked and did everything but the Mellichae fight and the publish drops, will they have to start all over? Or still be at the same spot?Just wondering how the transition will go if anyone has any insight...
Small Starbane 85d
Starbane4397Small Starbane 82d
General Discussion

Brandy Good Luck Charms

Brandy wears pink tinfoil on her head to bring her good luck. What are some of the things you do for luck in SWG?
Member avatar small Kahngro 85d
Kahngro8349Small Ofee 83d
General Discussion

Introduction and Search

Hello Everyone - I am in the process of purchasing a physical disc since I cant find my old one. I am very interested in playing again and looking for an active guild/group to play with. I often play during the day as I work from home.Thanks in ...
Member avatar small Alpha 83d
Alpha3137Member avatar small Alpha 83d