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Custom Items for RogueOne!
Post things you would like to see in game...(This does not mean it will get put in)
Everything Hutt
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A place to share your decorating achievements!
A place to chat about things not SWG!
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General Discussion

Darth Caedus cave on Mandalore

Thanks to : CopernicusKublaiOwozDarth Caedus : down๐Ÿ˜ƒ
Small StreetLuke 1y
StreetLuke0471Small StreetLuke 1y
General Discussion

Beskar Mines on Mandalore

Thanks to :OwozCidKublaiHoodToborro the Hutt : downSC-87 : down /bow ๐Ÿ˜‰
Small StreetLuke 1y
StreetLuke0490Small StreetLuke 1y
General Discussion

Death Rock Impaler down

Thanks to :MaraOwozKublaiAwesome group last night ! Thanks for fun ๐Ÿ˜ƒ
Small StreetLuke 1y
StreetLuke0446Small StreetLuke 1y
General Discussion

To All The Dads

Be ye rebellious or imperialistic; we all have in common a figure that loomed largest in our lives.To All The Dads...we honor you and the sacrifices big and small you made for us. If we could grow to be half the man you were; we can consider ours...
Small Hood 1y
Hood3863Small Ani 1y
General Discussion

Server First

Many groups tried to defeat the new Imperial Prison "Reloaded" on Dathomir. We all love the content Savage creates for us, and he does not make it easy. We had, in a group I ran with gotten all the way up to "The Emperor's Hand" before but, we wou...
Small Ioldanach 1y
Ioldanach2663Small StreetLuke 1y
General Discussion

Join the Rebel Alliance!

///*%$$#@#@##**((Begin Encoded Transmission:Everyone seems to want a cool metal toy, the AT-ST, and I understand. I also think that something should be done about the tyranny of the Empire! Everything comes down to effectiveness, but numbers play ...
Small Ioldanach 1y
Ioldanach3906Small NaTaS 1y
General Discussion

Caps for Speed and Defenses

Hello, I was wondering if our server has caps for speed, accuracy, and defenses and if so what they were, for instance in Awakening Mellee Defense cap was 125 same as EMU.
Member avatar small Zirxax Kailor 1y
Zirxax Kailor0564Member avatar small Zirxax Kailor 1y
General Discussion

Down Time fun

you have to go to walmart and buy 3 items to make people think.... what are they?
Member avatar small Humdinger 1y
Humdinger51059Small Bough 1y
General Discussion

Housing pictures

Is there a link to all the housing deeds that shows images? I found a few I saw on vendor search but could not for the life of me find a link to Bespin House.
Small Inde 1y
Inde41042Small StreetLuke 1y
General Discussion

New Server Status!!

I would like to Thank NaTaS for his time, effort and the AWESOME new server status he created, without even being asked to do it, for this server.We are very appreciative of all his hard work and we thank him so very much!!!If you see him, and you...
Small Savage - DEV 1y
Savage - DEV91815Small NaTaS 1y
General Discussion

Attachment missing on list?

Looked through the Attachments Pinned thread...but I could not find 1 thing. I know that this is not an Attachment really but it's still a BE add-on. But how do I find out if anybody knows if Stored Pets +25 works or not? Thanks in advance for any...
Small Killerr Jawa 1y
Killerr Jawa4809Small Killerr Jawa 1y
General Discussion

Wish List Items...

Just wanted to say thank you all for your input in the wish list area. I honestly do look at them and I will work on trying to get some of them in. I am currently working on a new profession and it is sucking up my time, but well worth it!!Again,...
Small Savage - DEV 1y
Savage - DEV51238Member avatar small lordhostle 1y
General Discussion

Play on Mac...

Hello all guys, i'm try to return in game but my old pc is gone, i want to know, if anyone can help me, if is possible to install and play swg on a mac using some emulator... i use wine for some programs and work well. Anyone expert in mac that ca...
Member avatar small Beldran 1y
Beldran2588Small Savage - DEV 1y
General Discussion

disc download

where can I get the game to download as the disc download isn't working? im keen to play this game once again :) get me some holocrons xD
Member avatar small pepper19 1y
pepper192559Small Savage - DEV 1y
General Discussion


So if I understood the attachment thread if your a miner Survey/Structure Assembly/Structure Experimentation are 125+ so these tapes would have no effect for a miner?
Small Ani 1y
Ani2640Small Savage - DEV 1y
General Discussion

Player Accounts

Just a friendly reminder you need to be able to show proof of ownership of the game when it is requested. The Request will come from a PM in game. If you fail to reply or do not have proof of ownership (for multiple accounts) accounts will be sus...
Small Savage - DEV 1y
Savage - DEV0495Small Savage - DEV 1y
General Discussion


Hey Savage if someone wants to donate for game can you explain me where these money goes?
General Discussion

New Player Tips

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Mara0347No posts yet
General Discussion

About Us

SWG RogueOneIs an SWG EMU based private server that does itโ€™s very best to stay true to the game we know and love. Our dedicated staff has created Custom content and added many of the cool items from NGE, such as pod racers, housing and armor. We...
Small Savage - DEV 1y
Savage - DEV05230Small Savage - DEV 1y
General Discussion

More info about this server.

Maybe I missing the thread, but is there any info about whats available on this server?? I heard about two unique profs but can't seem to find any info on that or NGE housing/vehicles or jedi system?? Just really excited about this server and woul...
Member avatar small Synyster 1y
Synyster2630Small Savage - DEV 1y