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#13711020 Mar 27, 2018 at 08:47 AM · Edited 25 days ago
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Hello All,

Just wanted to give out some information about the state of the server and just some general FYI.

About a year ago, we were spiking over 300 people a day, at one point we hit 399 toons on line. During this time we upsized our servers to make accommodations for this influx of people. Larger amount of people = bigger server. Bigger server = more cost. Large Population can support that cost. Now fast forward to today, our numbers are down around 50-85 a day. Small population cannot support the current infrastructure we have in place to accommodate the masses. We will be going back to our original server configurations pre-population increase. The server will still be a hosted server and our costs will be greatly decreased. There will be NO wipe. Everything will be the same as it is now. This switch over will take place within the next few days and will be communicated to the community for any downtime.

The donation widget on the website will be adjusted for this change. This server is 100% funded by YOU, the players. Your donations keep the servers up and running. We will no longer be able to fund this project out of our pockets (I have a million kids and just moved. I am broke! LoL). So your donations keep YOUR game alive 😊 If the donations are not there to pay for the server it will be shut down. You can keep track of the current donations from the main page of the website (there is a small delay in the updating the totals, it is not done automatically).

Due to real life ebbs and flows we will not be active on the server (Sidious, Obi-Ton and Savage), but we will respond to tickets as they come in (new accounts, issues etc..). We have admins in place for events and general problems you may have. As our situations change and free time is available you will see more of us. Our main focus is to just keep the server up and running for you all to enjoy.

Have a Happy Easter

R1 Dev Team
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