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Most of us have at one time or another submitted a Support Ticket, requesting help with some aspect of the game.

There are a lot of little things that we don't always think about including, because, to us they seem unimportant or self explanatory.

*Sometimes it's the little things that make all the difference.*


Subject Line: Borvos Quest did not complete


Character Name & Species: Mas'Amedda/Night Sister

Planet: (and city if applicable): Naboo/Moenia

Scenario: (give a description of what you were attempting to do and what about it wasn't working for you.)

I was in the final stages of completing the quest chain and Borvo would not accept the case of money. He didn't pick it up when I spoke with him and I was unable to drag and drop the item onto him.

I tried several times to speak with Borvo. His response to me was that he nothing for me at this time. I tried to drag and drop the item onto him several times and he would not accept it.

I did a soft log and repeated the action. I did a hard log and repeated the action as well.

Is there something I am missing or should try that I have not?

Regards.. Mas

Why is all of this important?

As I mentioned before it may be the little things. The more information given upfront, the fewer times an Admin has to come back to you for more information.

We have a large custom content base on the server. The more you give upfront, the faster an issue can be cleared up and gets you back on your way.

Please remember...

Our Dev team is human. They have family and careers. They do their very best to keep things running here. There are times, however, that they have personal things that need to be done. Please be patient. Ticket responses in some cases can take several days depending on what is going on personally for them.

Ask a Monitor to look into it for you. While they can't see the ticket you submitted, they may be able to give you a time frame as to when it will be looked into.

*Colorful Expletives (swear words)

I shouldn't have to say this but, as it happens tickets including a veritable plethora (that's a lot) of swear words are received and, jeez guys, they aren't received well.

So, if you are submitting a ticket and swearing throughout, you may not get a response at all. The ticket may be looked at or simply closed. You thought you were frustrated before you sent the ticket, how frustrated will you be if you submit one and you get a closure with any response at all?

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