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#13471855 Oct 06, 2017 at 01:03 PM
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Rules for the chat channels. I'll update them as needed.

Spatial/General Chat
No swearing.
No personal attacks.
No trash talk.
No Religion, Race, Country, Sexuality, Political Views or Country bashing.
No PVP issues - that includes Rebel vs. Imperial, Guild vs. Guild or Jedi vs. Anybody. Take it to the PVP Channel.
No advertising. If you're after something specific or selling something specific, one shout out per hour please. No Spamming. That's what Auction channel is for.

PVP Chat
You can talk trash
You can tell people they suck and should bring more than a CDEF to the fight
THIS channel is for PVP conversations. Do not let it bleed into General Chat. You will have a bad day.
This channel will be lightly moderated. But you cannot threaten bodily harm or make outside-the-game threats.
No Religion, Race, Country, Sexuality, Political Views or Country bashing.
It IS for PVP.
Owoz getting ganked at the shuttle has nothing to do with Real World Events
Keep Real-Life stuff out
You can drop the occasional F-bomb but don't go crazy.
This is an ADULT channel. Children should not be in it. Parents, watch your kids!
Everything is left up to the Moderators' discretion as to what is too much. So don't question them.

Auction Chat
Please don't spam the same message more than once every 10 minutes.

Guild Chat
Up to your Guild Leader

#13471976 Oct 06, 2017 at 02:32 PM
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thanks for the clarifications!

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