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#13406776 Aug 22, 2017 at 08:25 AM · Edited 8 months ago
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Please Close Game and update your launcher!!


- Jedi Trinkets are Non-Tradeable
- Jedi Trinkets can no longer be sold to Junk Dealers
- Lair naming issues fixed
- Jedi XP death Calculations fixed
- Halloween Event Enabled
- Adjusted Loot Drops on Mutated Kimo's
- Adjusted Loot Drops on Mythosours
- Adjusted damage reduction from ExoWafers
- Fixed Nightsister Attacks

Remaining Issues
- Jedi Toughness/Lightsaber Toughness Tapes (currently out, do not use if you have them, you will lose them)

*******ATTENTION JEDI's*******

If you bank XP they will lose a shit ton. XP lose is based on how much banked XP you have.. anything under 600000 will only loose 150k per death as you bank more XP you loose more XP. DO NOT ASK TO HAVE XP RETURNED. IT WILL NOT HAPPEN.

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