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#13345892 Jul 12, 2017 at 03:15 AM
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Looking for a Min +4 Medical Experimentation CA Tape

I have a +3 if you would like that in trade I can include that with any credits you may want. I would rather use 1 tape rather than a +3 and then another + 1 or + 2.

If you would prefer I could offer 50k renofeiam I value it at over 10-20cpu plus the +3 tape as I would have no use for it once I get the +4 or higher.

or maybe 50k dleawa I value at around 10cpu Plus the +3 med exp tape.

Or maybe 500k LGO or 250k Gallinorian Rainbow Gem Crystalline Gemstone or 250k class 6 or 7 High PE 800-900+ Radioactive, or 250k of either of the recent good Tat Fibers or maybe 250k of the good 1000OQ Aluminum each includes the +3 if you want it. I have lots of resources so whatever I just wana be done looking for this tape already.

post here or send an in game email to Jill if you're interested in a trade.
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