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My sources in the Imperial Navy have informed me that the Binayre Pirates were recently under Imperial attack. The Pirates were caught bypassing a customs checkpoint as they were leaving the planet of Dathomir. Why were they on Dathomir? I found this very interesting because the Binayre never stray far from the Corellian sector. I dispatched an agent to investigate the Binayre's hangout on Talus and was given a report of a wrecked ship and a holo image before I lost communications.

*Holo image*

I discovered that the humanoid in this holo image is some kind of Dathomiri Force User. I think the Binayre Pirates have established a new alliance with a very powerful foe. This threatens the balance of power in the Corellian Sector. Lucky for us, the Imperials are holding a few Dathomiri in their prison. Ahhh ... got to hand it to the Imperials ... they sure do know how to interrogate. Poodoo! The credits it took to gather this information would have been more than enough for that sleemo warden to retire on his very own moon!

Apparently a group of Nightsisters escaped from Dathomir, led by someone known as Rashel. I will need you to review this information that I'm sending you, then go to the coordinates and confirm.


Rashel is a Dathomirian Witch and twin sister of Charal, a former Nightsister. Charal apparently left the coven and was charged with treason for stealing some kind of sacred artifact. Rashel, in an attempt to prevent her own banishment, vowed that she would capture Charal and return with the artifact.

I have some info about Kath and the Binayre.

Kath Scarlet Leader of the Binayre Pirates.

The Binayre are a group of smugglers, better known as pirates, who perform raids on unarmed ships in the Corellian Sector. Kath and her crew have become quite despised. Even the Meatlumps have no respect for them! The Cartel considered them nothing more than a minor inconvenience. Now there's concerns that they might actually disrupt Cartel business in the area.

With the Empire putting a quarantine on Dathomir, it would require these Nightsisters to be smuggled past the blockade. Rashel must have contacted the Binayre Pirates and made some kind of deal. My guess is, the Binayre will help the Sisters find Charal and the Sisters would become muscle for the Binayre.

Story by: Obi-ton

Bunker Location

Bunker Location: Talus
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