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*Close your client, update your launcher please!!!!

Title Token System

When you kill select Mobs you will receive a Token for that Mob. You will also receive a Galaxy Token. Galaxy Tokens can be turned in to purchase unique items from the Galaxy Token Vendor (coming soon). The mob related badges can be crafted into higher currency tokens. 50, 500, 1000, 10000 tokens. These Schematics can be obtained by getting the new profession, Badge Hunter. When enough tokens have been obtained you may goto a Title Vendor and purchase new titles for your character.

Tokens can be made into different values with a generic crafting tool and the required resources for the value you are trying to create.

IE: you have 50 single galaxy tokens and you want make a 50 token train up at the Badge Hunter trainer so you can make 50 count galaxy tokens and t hen craft it with a generic crafting tool.

Mobs that Grant Tokens

All Bantha
Followers of Darth Caedous
All Dragons(kimo's, mythosaurs, krayt)
All Death Watch Mobs
All Droid Mobs
All Geonosians Mobs
All Imperial Mobs
Meatlump (ragtags also)
All Rebel Mobs
Singing Mountain Clan
All Spider Creatures
All Tusken
All Undead
All Warren Mobs
Undead Wookie

Additional Info
- Only individual creature tokens can be traded. Higher crafted tokens cannot.
- Galaxy Tokens can NOT be traded!!!
- Generic crafting tool needed to craft token schematics. NO crafting station needed!!!


Bantha Champion
Bantha Destroyer
Bantha Dreadnaught
Bantha General
Bantha Hunter
Bantha Master
Bantha Overseer
Bantha Slayer
Hunter of Darth Caedous
Slayer of Darth Caedous
Destroyer of Darth Caedous
Champion of Darth Caedous
Master of Darth Caedous
Dreadnaught of Darth Caedous
General of Darth Caedous
Overseer of Darth Caedous
Champion of Care Bears
Destroyer of Care Bears
Dreadnaught of Care Bears
General of Care Bears
Hunter of Care Bears
Master of Care Bears
Overseer of Care Bears
Slayer of Care Bears
Champion of Dragons
Destroyer of Dragons
Dreadnaught of Dragons
General of Dragons
Hunter of Dragons
Mother of Dragons
Overseer of Dragons
Slayer of Dragons
Champion of the Death Watch
Destroyer of the Death Watch
Dreadnaught of the Death Watch
General of the Death Watch
Hunter of the Death Watch
Master of the Death Watch
Overlord of the Death Watch
Slayer of the Death Watch
Cyborg Champion
Cyborg Destroyer
Cyborg Dreadnaught
Cyborg General
Cyborg Hunter
Cyborg Master
Cyborg Overseer
Cyborg Slayer
Champion of Ewoks
Destroyer of Ewoks
Dreadnaught of Ewoks
General of Ewoks
Hunter of Ewoks
Master of Ewoks
Overseer of Ewoks
Slayer of Ewoks
Champion of Crazed Geonosians
Destroyer of Crazed Geonosians
Dreadnaught of Crazed Geonosians
General of Crazed Geonosians
Hunter of Crazed Geonosians
Master of Crazed Geonosians
Overseer of Crazed Geonosians
Slayer of Crazed Geonosians
Graul Champion
Graul Destroyer
Graul Dreadnaught
Graul General
Graul Hunter
Graul Master
Graul Overseer
Graul Slayer
Champion of Gungans
Destroyer of Gungans
Dreadnaught of Gungans
General of Gungans
Hunter of Gungans
Master of Gungans
Overseer of Gungans
Slayer of Gungans
Champion of Imperials
Destroyer of Imperials
Dreadnaught of Imperials
General of Imperials
Hunter of Imperials
Master of Imperials
Overseer of Imperials
Slayer of Imperials
Champion of Jantas
Destroyer of Jantas
Dreadnaught of Jantas
General of Jantas
Hunter of Jantas
Master of Jantas
Janta Overseer
Slayer of Jantas
Champion of Jawas
Destroyer of Jawas
Dreadnaught of Jawas
General of Jawas
Hunter of Jawas
Master of Jawas
Overseer of Jawa's
Slayer of Jawas
Champion of Meatlumps
Destroyer of Meatlumps
Dreadnaught of Meatlumps
General of Meatlumps
Hunter of Meatlumps
Master of Meatlumps
Overseer of Meatlumps
Slayer of Meatlumps
Champion of Mokks
Destroyer of Mokks
Dreadnaught of Mokks
General of Mokks
Hunter of Mokks
Master of Mokks
Overseer of Mokks
Slayer of Mokks
Champion of Nightsisters
Destroyer of Nightsisters
Dreadnaught of Nightsisters
General of Nightsisters
Hunter of Nightsisters
Master of Nightsisters
Overseer of Nightsisters
Slayer of Nightsisters
Piket Champion
Piket Destroyer
Piket Dreadnaught
Piket Hunter
Piket Master
Piket Overseer
Piket Slayer
Rancor Champion
Rancor Destroyer
Rancor Dreadnaught
Rancor General
Rancor Hunter
Rancor Master
Rancor Overseer
Rancor Slayer
Champion of Rebel Skum
Destroyer of Rebel Skum
Dreadnaught of Rebel Skum
General of Rebel Skum
Hunter of Rebel Skum
Master of Rebel Skum
Overseer of Rebel Skum
Slayer of Rebel Skum
Champion of Singing Mountain Clan
Destroyer of Singing Mountain Clan
Dreadnaught of Singing Mountain Clan
General of Singing Mountain Clan
Hunter of Singing Mountain Clan
Master of Singing Mountain Clan
Overseer of Singing Mountain Clan
Slayer of Singing Mountain Clan
Arachnoid Champion
Arachnoid Destroyer
Arachnoid Dreadnaught
Arachnoid General
Arachnoid Hunter
Arachnoid Master
Arachnoid Overseer
Arachnoid Slayer
Squill Champion
Squill Destroyer
Squill Dreadnaught
Squill General
Squill Hunter
Squill Master
Squill Overseer
Squill Slayer
Champion of Tusken's
Destroyer of Tuskens
Dreadnaught of Tuskens
General of Tuskens
Hunter of Tuskens
Master of Tuskens
Overseer of Tuskens
Slayer of Tuskens
Champion of the Undead
Destroyer of the Undead
Dreadnaught of the Undead
General of the Undead
Hunter of the Undead
Master of the Undead
Overseer of the Undead
Slayer of the Undead
Champion of Mad Scientists
Destroyer of Mad Scientists
Dreadnaught of Mad Scientists
General of Mad Scientists
Hunter of Mad Scientists
Master of Mad Scientists
Overseer of Mad Scientists
Slayer of Mad Scientists
Champion of Wookies
Destroyer of Wookies
Dreadnaught of Wookies
General of Wookies
Hunter of Wookies
Master of Wookies
Overseer of Wookies
Slayer of Wookies

*If you have ANY issues Please place a ticket HERE and we will get it fixed!!

Loot Items

Item Name: Badge Hunter Backpack
Profession to Craft: Master Tailor
Item made per Schematic: 3 uses
Number of Slots: 200
Mobs that Drop: Manalore/Taanab/Endor Bunker Bsses

Item Name: Badge Hunter Bandolier
Profession to Craft: Master Tailor
Item made per Schematic: 3 uses
Number of Slots: 200
Mobs that Drop: Manalore/Taanab/Endor Bunker Bosses

Galaxy Vendor

- Uses Looted Galaxy Tokens to purchase items
- Galaxy Tokens (gt) are gained by killing mobs around the galaxy. Here is a breakdown of how tokens can be spent for the listed price of an item.

500gt=1-500gt(or 10 50gt).
1000gt=1-1000gt (or 2 500gt).
2000gt=2-1000gt (or 4 500gt).

*All Sales are final. DO NOT ASK an admin to give back tokes cause you bought the wrong item. Be Smart!

Bank of Skynet

This vendor will give you the ability to take a higher token (10,000gt) and break them up into smaller ones. Pretty easy to use. See screenshots below!!

* You must have 65 items or less in your inventory when doing the conversions. If you do not, you will get a message saying you do not have enough space and to get below 59 items.

*If you have ANY issues Please place a ticket HERE and we will get it fixed!!


New Profession: Badge Hunter
Trainer Location: Corellia, Coronet (outside Spaceport)
Skill Points Required: Zero
XP Used to Level: Combat XP


Added 169 New paintings for Galaxy Vendor


- Adjusted Admin adbilites on new Chat Monitor Skill
- Adjusted Mitigation on Food Buffs
- Corrected miss represented titles on professions
- Fixed Rebel Faction house, now has turret on roof
- Fixed buildings not being able to be added on Taanab
- Jedi can now obtain Combat XP
- Can now purchase AT ST and AT XT's from Faction vendor
- Removed Faction items from Medium Generic House.
- Medical Centers now giving proper bonus's
- Mandoviol Smasher Resource requirement fixed. Can now be crafted

*If you have ANY issues Please place a ticket HERE and we will get it fixed!!

Post Patch Fixes
- Added Taanab to all Corellia housing
- Adjusted title token drop rates on ALL mobs
- Fixed Golden Wings on Galaxy Vendor
- Fixed Mokk 50 use Schematic
- Adjusted Bandolier/Backpack drop rate on Bosses
- Painting name fixes
- Fixed Bandoleir and Backpack Schematic
- Fixed Typo's in Galaxy Vendor
- Sorted paintings by cost
- Added Loot change of Galaxy Token from Crafting in Practice Mode
- Fixed Rebel and Imperial tokens, they now drop single tokens only
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