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#13249944 May 17, 2017 at 01:17 AM
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So, something that has been bugging the living daylights out of me is the disparity of resource costs for the various vehicles made by the Mechanic. Quite frankly, there is ABSOLUTELY no point in crafting any vehicle other than what's available in the Master Box of the Mechanic Tree. The sheer weight of what is required to make even the most basic (let's call it the BARC) of vehicles is debilitating at best, utterly futile at worst.

This is in no way an attack on anyone's ideas, practices, or planning, it is simply an astute observation and, if I may say, an exercise in logical thinking.

Now, if this is by design, then so be it, enough said. Perhaps there is something I have not seen or perhaps have over looked, but in every other profession, the more complex the design, and greater the benefit; the greater the cost and time requirements. Now, if we hold the same truths to be equal across all lines of artisanship, then what we find with the Mechanic is completely counter intuitive.

Let me illustrate: Let us first examine the BARC speeder. One BARC requires 7200 units of Polysteel Copper, 4000 units of Titanium Aluminum, and 20 small power motors. Doesn't sound too bad, until we examine the small power motor. Each one of these items requires 250 units of metal, 690 units of polymer, 555 uts of Low grade ore, 232 uts of copper, 211 uts of copper, 376 uts of inert gas, and 267 uts of Amorphous Gem Stone. Now, combined, that is a total of 62,820 units of resources. OK, it's a specialty vehicle, it shouldn't be easy to make. Fair enough.

Now let's take a look at one of my favorites. The swamp speeder. Each Swamp speeder requires 12,400 uts of Carbonite Steel, 10,210 uts of Lommite Carbonate Ore, 35 Identical Energy Distributers, and 40 Identical Agitator Motors. Now, for sake of space, I'm not going to break down each component, but the combined cost for each of these cool little contraptions is 130,435 uts of resources. It's a 3rd tier vehicle, stands to reason it should be twice the cost of a BARC.

When we take a look at a Pod racer such as the Balta Pod Racer, we now need 160,825 units of resources. 4th tier baby!

Obviously, vehicles are not cheap to make, and in most cases require 7 to 9 completely different types of resources (though, this is nothing compared to what the DE and WS or AS experience). So far, everything is tracking. We're seeing greater cost requirements placed upon the mechanic the further he moves up the tree, and in many cases, the vehicles provide greater benefits the higher the tier such as increased speed and durability.

But now, this is where it falls apart. When we look at the most popular vehicle on the server, the SITH Speeder, we see something surprising. Each SITH speeder requires 29,320 uts of Thoranium Steel, 27,539 uts of Chromium Aluminum, and 100 energy Distributers. A combined total of 59,559 uts of resources.

OK, what's happened here? Why is it more costly to make a BARC that travels flea's breath faster than a swoop than it is to make the fastest bike in the game? Now, I'm not even going to get into weighing the different variables here as I'm sure no one wants an economics lesson, but the bottom line is that once one factors in the time required to make a Swamp Speeder vs. the time required to make a SITH, resource ratio becomes far greater than the obvious 2.5:1.

I find it disheartening to think that such effort was placed on adding all this additional content just to make it so that none of it will ever be seen. Gamers as a whole (myself included, obviously) are numbers crunchers. Mechanics are not going to waste materials on things that there will not be a market for. When Master level vehicles are selling for 3 to 4 cpu per finished item all the while a WS or and AS can expect to see a return of 20 to 40 cpu for the wears, they certainly will not invest time and energy in an item that the current market may only value at .5 to .7 cpu or less. For most, speed is the commodity. There is very little difference between the movement rate of a BARC and a Swamp Speeder, but there is such a jump between a Swoop(purple) and a SITH that, for the life of me, I can not think of a single case where someone is going to be willing to spend or pay 2 to 3 times the price for a bike that travels almost half the speed with similar durability.

Now, I know that tweaking the speed ranges on these vehicles is a feat beyond even the most learned of programmers, so convoluted and complex the coding. But, do you think maybe we could take a look at making other vehicles other than the SITH speeder a little more practical? Should we increase the costs of the Master Box Bikes? Or, is it possible to bring resource costs in line to fit the tiering? Just a thought.

Thanks for reading. 😎
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#13604523 Jan 12, 2018 at 12:36 PM
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Nice write up, I'm still fumbling my way through the profession, trying to figure out where some components come from.
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#13604858 Jan 12, 2018 at 07:12 PM
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I am gonna directly address the profit disparity. Being a weaponsmith is not only not a very fun grind, but it is darn hard to make good weapons. Resources for WS are why it is one of the few professions that I never mastered. Quality resources are critical and maybe, just maybe every couple three months you have a convergence when everything you need is great quality. Mechanic on the other hand is a really easy grind and the the quality of materials on items they make is almost meaningless. It is my opinion and I have gone on about this ad nauseum that the sith speeders should never cost more than 100k or so, the cost of mats if you gather them yourself is about 6k They are as easy to make as furniture. I would agree, there is not much connection with vehicle level and how hard they are to craft.

But, while vehicles can make your game better, good vehicles are not needed to play the game. I would say good weapons are critical.

I would never compare mechanic with weaponsmith. I look at weaponsmith like doctors, they are vital to a successful combat game. I look at mechanic as a hobby profession, something you do for fun You could get rid of speeders today and not affect core play except to make it go slower grinding missions
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