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Update your Launcher for Testing!!!

Commando Quest Giver
Name: Arnold
Planet: Talus
Location: -4808 -4764

Items to make Commando Lava Cannon

Commando Artifact Loot Schematic
Commando Canister - 1
Commando Laser Trap - 1
Commando Motivator - 1
Metal - 35 Units
Inorganic - 87 Units
Metal - 25 Units
Chemical - 77 Units

Commando Weapon Schematics(Same ingredients for all new commando weapons)
Commando Artifact - 1
Metal - 130 Units
Iron - 70 Units
Power Blaster Handler
Rifle Blaster Barrell
Liquid Petrochem - 28 units

New Mobs (commando items drops)

Darth Caedus Elite
Pyke Syndicate Elite
Vizsla Loyalist Elite
Taung Warrior Elite

*most mobs can be found in lower levels of Mandalore bunkers (baskar cave is excluded)


- Added 22 new signs to ALL player housing
- Depending on the house, some signs will not work
- Added Signs to All Cantina's, Hospitals, Theaters and Naboo Cloner

Faction Perks

- New Rebel House
- New Imperial House
- Faction cost is currently 21,000 (Bug, name does not display, but it is the last item under Installations)

Ithorian Wear

- Can now wear all goggles
- Can now wear Tailor crafted Jedi robes


- All polearm weapons now have virbo motors added
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