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*Make sure to Close all instances of the Game and update the Launcher!!


New Master Ranger Only Quest
- Location -14 -3923 Yavin4
- 4 new Quests!

Quest Rewards

- 11 New Hunter Trophy's
- New Ranger Only hut (Lootable Schematic)
- New Ranger Creature Survey Tool (Lootable Schematic)

**If you are going to Craft a Organic Survey Tool... YOU MUST USE A GENERIC Crafting Tool. The default one you get when you create a new toon. Or you can get one from the new player droids in front of all SP

New Ranger Hut
- Costs 1 Lots
- Can be placed on ALL Planets!!!
- Includes a Mission Terminal

- Adjusted Loot Tables for Trash Mobs
- Adjusted Spawn timers on Bunker mobs
- Fixed Elite Moister Harvester (now shows resources to mine)
- Fixed Elite Moister Harvester (Med & Heavies) can now be placed
- Ranger Hut can only be used by Master Rangers and can not be transferred to other players
- Fixed Corellia Style 1 walls to show correct wall type
- Gates can now be placed on Taanab
- Creature Survey tool can only be used by a Master Ranger
- Creature Survey tool can not be used to sample
- All Miner harvesters are no longer able to be transferred to Non-Miner toons
- Moisture Water Vapor now spawns on Mandalore
- Fixed names on all Diner furniture
- Fixed names on all Trophy Quest Rewards
- Returned City Radius back to default. RadiusPerRank = {150, 200, 300, 400, 450}
- Fixed ranger hut issue with client crashing
- Fixed organic survey tool so only Ranger can use the item
- Fixed random missing item names
- Fixed Objects causing crashes on Dathomir
- Removed Vet Rewards
- Adjusted loot items on boss

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