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The Rogue One Staff are not baby sitters, and we do have children that play on this server and we do expect parents of minors to deal with their children if they get out of line. But most of us are adults and we believe that as such we should all know how to behave.

The Rogue One staff will use their best judgement to hand out disciplinary actions and have the right to skip steps in the disciplinary actions if they deem it necessary to take harsher action based on the infraction.

Step 1: Warning to player via Tell and/or email and possible Freeze if the player is not at the keyboard. This tell and/or email will tell the user what the infraction is for and why we are taking action upon the infraction. This will also include an email to all Rogue One staff letting them know of the warning so we are all on the same page.

Step 2: 5 day ban for the player who has caused the infraction. This maybe allowed to be appealed by the player who has caused the infraction but the Rogue One Staff have the final say if an appeal will be allowed.

Step 3: 30 day ban for the player who has caused the infraction. This will not be allowed to be appealed.

Step 4: Permanently ban the player account from Rogue One. Any appeal by the player on this will be rejected and the player will not be welcome on Rogue One.

RogueOne Staff does reserve the right to remove players from the server at anytime and with out notice.

Any appeals to an infraction must be placed via the ticket system any other form of appeal will be deleted and ignored.
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