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Hello All,

To create an account on RogueOne you must submit a ticket and request an authorization code. Here is what you need to do....

You must create a Forum account and that will be your login name. If you do not have a forum account we will not be sending you an authorization code.

Authorization codes are given as soon as the RogueOne Staff can get to the tickets we are not online 24/7 so please if you don't get it right away don't worry we will get to you.

Ticket System

Submit a Ticket HERE

Ticket Format

Subject: New Account Request
Body of Message: Forum Username that you just created and Email address.

If you require more than 1 account you must provide usernames for each account along with a picture of the copies of your disks for each account requested.

I got my code now what?

Click HERE to create your account!!

Authorization Code: must be entered EXACTLY as you receive it
Username: Must be exactly how you submitted it in the ticket
Password: Only use Alpha/Numeric and special characters (!@$*-:_)

Known Issues: Make sure to Disable pop-up blocker if enabled.

RogueOne Staff does reserve the right to deny any request for an authcode at anytime with out giving a reason.

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