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Fixed Mellichae disk not dropping
We did not remove Buff termnials, we just adjusted the buffes for new player status:
-750 across the board
- No mind buff
- No Battle Fatigue Healing
- No wound healing
Removed Armor vender from Halloween Screenplay
Changed Mob names in Pod Racer Quest
Adjusted Loot tables in Pod Racer Quest
Adjusted Mobs in Clone Trooper Quest


If you have created accounts and deleted them for their items/credits, your account
has been banned for 5 days. We were looking for people who deleted 7 or more toons with in a certain time frame. IF you fell into this category you have been banned. You must place a ticket here and request that your accounts get re-instated. Currently 9 accounts with all characters associated have been banned

Some Changes For New Launch

New Player

- Tantel armor ALL resists have been set to 65%
- Silver Swoop Racer


Citizen Requirements

- Outpost = 5 citizens
- Village = 10 citizens
- Township = 15 citizens
- City = 25 citizens
- Metropolis = 35 citizens

City Radius

- Outpost = 150m
- Village = 200m
- Township = 225m
- City = 250m
- Metropolis = 300m

Buff Terminals



Bestine -1294.5, 12, -3603.3
Mos Eisley 3517, 5, -4799
Mos Espa -2897, 5, 2131
Mos Entha 1301, 7, 3121


Coronet -133, 28, -4711


Theed -4865, 6.5, 4182


5 members now required to make a guild

Account Creation

- if you have 2 accounts and have already been given permission to have them, all you need to do is fill out the Create User form and ignore the "Authorization Code" section. IF YOU HAVE 3 or more accounts you must place a ticket. You will than receive an Authorization Code that you will have to enter in for any account above 2. So the first 2 you create you dont need the code, but the 3rd one and beyond you will.

- If you only have one account just fill everything out, be patient an "anti-spam" filter will pop up for you to check the box, hit create and be patient your account will be created for you. Ignore the "Authorization Code" box.

Rules and Regs

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