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#13108834 Mar 05, 2017 at 12:27 PM · Edited 1 year ago
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XP Increaded to 6.5x for group and 4.0 for Solo!!!!!

* as always...Close game and launcher, and update launcher!

What is back??

Antique Dealer

All Items Returned


Bikes can now be dropped in houses and look like bikes.


- All species are back
- Trandoshan can be stat migrated


- Jedi Journeyman can now go On Leave
- Crystal Packs back in
- Jedi Crafting Ring back in


- Lothal Has Returend
- All Bunkers back
- All Quests returned


All mounts are back

What is NOT back(for now)


- Journeyman Trainers not in game
- Knight Trails not in game
- Powers have been set back to EMU

*** Please, if you are missing anything..Do NOT blow up our TELLS in game.. Please submit a ticket and we will get to you as soon as possible. Remember complaining in general chat WILL NOT GET YOU FIXED!!!!

Also make sure you have closed all your clients and updated your launcher before you put in a ticket.
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