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#13091931 Feb 26, 2017 at 09:48 AM · Edited 4 months ago
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In an attempt to stabilize the server we are reverting some files back. Once the exact issue is found we will put items back in. Don't freak


Jedi XP back to increased XP
Jedi can now train each other
Jedi Journeyman are no longer required to be overt
No trainers at enclaves
Jedi Can no longer train Novice Journeyman
Removed enhanced scout camps
Jedi Powers set back to EMU default

All new mounts removed
Some Antique dealer paintings removed
Species have been disabled
Lothal has been removed
Jedi Journeyman is currently disabled

*Please submit a ticket with Player name and what mount you deleted. We will replace when issues are resolved. Please, please, PLEASE DELETE the mounts if you have them. This will help us in our testing.

Files Changed
Removed Taanab blistmok lair from Taanab world spawner
Replaced All scout camps with default camps
Replaced VisibilityManager with orginal file
Removed Dark and Light Enclaves Screenplays
Replaced ForceShrineMenuComponent with orginal file
Replaced ForceShrineMenuComponent.h with orginal file
Removed all converstions for jedi quest in Converstaions .lua
Remvoed Trails and daily quest giver from sceenplay/serveropbject.lua
Removed ec_player_management_01 from staff skills
removed CSR from staff admin
Remvoed All Knight and Quest reference from screenplay/server object.lua
Replaced ForceHealQueueCommans.h and .cpp
Replaced JediQueueCommand.h
Replaced forceLightningSingle2.lua
Replaced TeachCommand.h
Replaced PlayerObjectMenuComponent.cpp
Replaced MissionManagerImplementation.cpp
Replaced forceLightningCone1
Replaced forceLightningCone2
Replaced forceLightningSingle1
Replaced forceLightningSingle2
Replaced MindBlast 1
Replaced MindBlast 2
Replaced Force Choke
Replaced ForceThrow1
Replaced Force throw 2
Replaced ForceWeaken 1
Replaced Force Weaken 2
Replaced PlayerManagerImplementation.cpp
replaced creatureskills.lua
Replaced GmReviveCommand.h
Replaced factionPerkData.lua
Replaced recruiterConvoHandler.lua
Replaced recruiterScreenplay.lua
Replaced PlayerContainerComponent.cpp
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