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#13068365 Feb 15, 2017 at 10:11 PM · Edited 1 year ago
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Some of you may notice some delay in your launcher loading this currently is because we have disabled server status for the launchers in a test to see if that helps with the minimal lag and rubber banding we are still experiencing.

The v1.6.1 launcher will load but it takes about 30 seconds or so before its completely loaded. I can not say what the time is on launchers prior to the v1.6.1 version as I currently don't have those installed (and neither should you).

We are seeing that a lot of you are still using the older launchers and we are stopping support of any launcher other then v1.6.1(or above) from this point forward so we "HIGHLY" recommend updating to v1.6.1 if you are using anything other then that.

Some of the previous launchers check for updates, server status, announcements on an interval that could be part of the issue that we are still experiencing so we are asking all of you that are not using the v1.6.1 to go here and download the launcher only ( the bottom link for the launchers) and install it.

If this test passes one of two things will have to happen.

-- Not the way we want to do it
1. Force everyone to upgrade to the newest launcher via changing the path where updates are pulled from (we would rather not do this)

-- The way we want to do it
2. All players currently using any version other then v1.6.1 upgrade their launcher.

So the long and short of it is if you are using anything other then v1.6.1 of the RogueOne Launcher please update your launcher ASAP.

I want to update my launcher - Click Me

Launcher Install Instructions - Click Me

Thank you,

RogueOne Team
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