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As Always Update your Launcher!!!


New Mounts are as follows:

Spike-tailed Blurrg
Blurrg (not pictured)
Armored Dewback
Painted Spat
Mutated Rancor
Kashyyyk Bantha
Murra Blanca
Whisper Bird (New Lothal Creature!)


Fixed Client Issue with Following Profession:

Elite Blacksmith
Master Mechanic
Elite Aresenalist

*If you currently have one of these professions please send Savage/Sidious an ingame email so we can fix the issue. If you are not fixed IT WILL CAUSE CLIENT CRASHES!


Adjusted BER rate on the following:

Solar power Harvester
Fusion power Harvester
Elite Fusion Harvester


All vehicles will now display the type of vehicle they are when the item has not been generated and is in the players inventory.


- Care Bear Bunker mobs (on Taanab) have had resists lowered and HAM adjusted to make this more of a solo cave.
- Corrected Mobs in Endor Bunkers not displaying Stats when examined.


- Fixed issue where skeleton of player disappeared when zooming out
- Fixed issue where mounts would disappear and re-appear

Quest Loot Items

- Removed Existing crafted items from loot table
- Added 27 new loot items to game
- Added 33 new painting to loot group

Veteran Rewards

ADK kits have been temporally removed to fix issues

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