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So over the last week we have heard of some issues that have come up with the launcher as well as looked back on some of the previous issues that we have heard and we are happy to announce that we have launched v1.6.0 of the RogueOne Launcher which can be found here.

**** You will need the latest .NET Framework to run the launcher there is a link for latest .NET framework on the instruction page for the launcher which can be found here ****

For everyone that already has RO installed you can just download the Launcher Only version (its the third option found on the link above). This is an installer so now downloading and copying a file over to your install directory manually the installer does it all for you :)

Update Features:
- Server Status for both Live and Test
- Manual Refresh of server status (Tools -> Update Server Status) can only be run every 5 minutes
- Vote for RogueOne straight from the launcher
- Connect or download Teamspeak
- Switch between live and test server
- Automatic update checking when launcher is started
- Manual update checking while launcher is running (Tools -> Tre Options -> Check Tre Files)
- Connect straight to our ticket system from the launcher and file tickets
- Copy TRE files from another directy (Tools -> Tre Options)
- List your current tre files (Tools -> Tre Options)
- See how many Tre files you currently have an how many Tre files are required to play on rogue one right on the main display of the launcher
- Updated news feed for updates and what not about RogueOne (refreshes only on start of the launcher)

Setting Up Launcher Only:

Close out of SWG and close your launcher and then run the installer. When the installer asks you for your RO install directory please make sure you select the correct directory of where you current install is located.

If you have the current launcher open it will prompt you to close it but if you followed the instructions you have already closed the old launcher and closed the game.

Once the install is finished it will ask you if you want to start the launcher just click "Finished" and the launcher will automatically start up.

When the launcher loads up if you are missing any tre files it will start to download them before it will let you load back into the game

And once it has completed the download or if you did not need to download anything else from the server you can click on the play button and your ready to go.

If you run into any issues we have updated the install instructions and troubleshooting section for the launcher as well which can be found here
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