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General Griefing

All these actions are against RogueOne Rules and if reported action may be taken against the player or players involved. Depending on the infraction you maybe, but not limited to; Banning, Ported and frozen for a period of time, account banned or deactivated.

• Lying to a Admin to advance your toon
• Harassing, mocking, insulting players
• Scamming, i.e. fooling others by pretending something that is actually not happening.
• Triple Incap more than 2x
• Training mobs into cantina’s or other public areas
• Clone camping more than 3 kills.

*It is not clone camping if the player is actively engaged in PVP


These actions, although some may see them as dishonorable, are considered legitimate PvP tactics and will not be addressed by RogeOne staff.

• Triple Incap Not considered griefing (if done more than 2x it will be)
• Clone camping (more than 3 kills when not actively engaged in PVP)
• Ganking - Not considered griefing
• Kill stealing - Not considered griefing IF Target is NOT engaged
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