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Player Rules of Conduct

**To make everything easier we have used the ROGUEONE's policies, since 99% of people have played there before.

Note: Violating any of the below rules will result in disciplinary action being taken against the character that may include official warnings, @muteplayer, @kill, @kick, and @ban. Multiple infractions by a character or several
characters associated with an account will result in the @ban of that account.

• You may not harass or threaten other players (sexually, racially, or otherwise). Final determination of player infraction and severity will be made by a CSR. This includes but is not limited to: Hate Mongering, Sexual Abuse. Harassment, Training, Phishing and Spamming. Foul language is strictly prohibited. Yes there is a chat filter, but not everyone turns that on. Keep the trash talking out of general chat. Taunting of other players to incite negative reactions is prohibited.

• Harassment is defined as any unwanted or unwelcome behavior beyond the limits of good taste, civility and appropriate game context. Harassment is further defined by who is being harassed and how they perceive it. They then provide the proof to us, RogueOne Staff, where we make a determination if it is indeed harassment.

• Training is defined as pulling/leading a hostile NPC or creature along behind you and attempting to get it to attack another player who does not desire that engagement.

• Fishing is defined as deliberately wandering into the "visibility" radius of a jedi to make BH terminals produce Jedi missions for waiting a BH that are present at the mission terminals so that the BH can hunt the same specific jedi over and over.

• Spamming is defined as excessive and inappropriate use of spatial communications (i.e. emote spamming, excessive hawking or tip spamming). Rule of thumb, once every 3 minutes (/pause 180) is plenty for hawking (selling) an item or advertising for buffs (Buff instructions from entertainers can be given in group chat to keep from cluttering up spatial). As there is no Auto-AFK timeout on the server, emotes (/smile, /clap, etc) in your macros serve no purpose other than to clutter up spatial, and should not be used. Note: excessive numbers of hawkers in an area may be removed from the server by a CSR.

• Scamming is defined as a confidence game or other fraudulent scheme, especially for making a quick profit; swindle. Also defined as to cheat or defraud with a scam. Proof from the involved account must be submitted to RogueOne Staff in a ticket and an investigation will be done to determine if it is indeed scamming.

• You may not use any sexually explicit, harmful, threatening, abusive, defamatory, obscene, hateful, racially or ethnically offensive language, in any language. The presence of any form of preventative filter or other game features is not license or permission, tacit or otherwise, to use such language in any form.

• You may not impersonate any RogueOne Staff Member or associated Live Server Admins, past or present. They are volunteers helping you get your game back. This includes any form of parody, jest, or attempt to deflect other players for fear of action being taken against their account. This includes:

o 3.3.1 Attempting to Defraud a CSR - Petitioning with untrue information with the intention of receiving benefits as a result. This includes reporting bug deaths, item loss, or fraudulently accusing other players of wrongdoing.
o 3.3.2 Impersonating a CSR or falsely representing yourself to another player as RogueOne Staff.
o Arguing with CSR personnel in tells after they have resolved an issue according to the rules. If you have an issue with how a CSR has handled your case, you may put in a ticket requesting a review.
o CS Personnel Abuse - sending excessive unsolicited tells to a CSR, Admin or Dev, excessively using say or other channels to communicate to a CSR, making physical threats, using abusive language against a CSR
o Submitting inappropriate or spamming CS tickets - submitting tickets with abusive language and/or profanity or continual submission of CS tickets regarding any issue which a CSR has already determined is closed.
o Using Threats of Retribution by RogueOne Staff Member Friends - attempting to convince another player that they have no recourse in a disagreement because favoritism is shown to one of the parties by the RogueOne Staff.
o You may not use CSR, GM or DEV as any part of your name or bio, even if you were a CSR on live. These designations are reserved for current CSRs.
o Please note that this list is not all inclusive and a CSR/Admin may determine that other actions are considered abuse. This will be done on a case by case review.

• You may not violate any local, state, national or international law or regulation, while accessing or utilizing any RogueOne server. Violation of any said laws will result in the termination of your account.

• You may not modify any part of the Star Wars Galaxies client. This includes but is not limited to:

o Any hardware or third party software that allows unattended game play, alters movement speed of your character, or anything other action which we determine as an unfair advantage to your character.
o Client mods that negate or alter the need for interaction with any profession, increase or change the stats of any item, increase inventory or interface with third party programs so that AFK play is enabled.
o Client mods produced by the RogueOne Client Developer and Modification Team and officially approved by the Development Team and TC Server Admins are the exception to this rule. All "Test" Mods distributed must come from the Client Mod Team Lead. All mod "Testers" must remove any testing mods (such as ID) at the time the profession is fully implemented unless authorized by the head of the Client Mod Team to continue testing. Sharing "Test" Mods with other players without authorization from the Client Mod Team Lead is considered illegal.
o Please be aware that unofficial client mods may contain keyloggers or other malicious code. RogueOne does not condone or support the use of unofficial client mods. A list of distributed "Test Mods" associated with accounts will be kept, all other accounts held by the player may not use the mods. Any account using unofficial client mods is subject to disciplinary actions including account wipe.
o You may not arrange for the exchange or transfer of any pirated or illegal software while utilizing RogueOne server, services or Forums.

• You may not organize or be a member of any player association or groups on the RogueOne Servers that is based on or espouses any racist, sexist, anti-religious, anti-ethnic, anti-gay or other hate-mongering philosophy. You also may not organize or be a member of any player association which habitually violates the RogueOne Rules and Policies.

• Note: Player Association and Guild leaders condoning, participating in, or knowingly allowing such action to occur may also be held responsible for the actions of their Player Association and may result in disciplinary action being taken against the account. Player Associations which violate the above rules are subject to disbandment.

• You will not upload or transmit, in RogueOne TC or website, any pornographic or other material relating to minors or copyrighted content that you do not own all rights.

• You may not disrupt the normal playability of a game world area. Area Disruption is defined as any activity, intentional or unintentional, which harms or inconveniences a larger number of players. Disruption includes, but is not limited to, such things such as:

o Deliberately blocking a doorway or narrow area so other players cannot get past or trapping other players using objects, or items.
o Placing any object (such as pets, droids, structures, city facilities) which prevent access to game content (anything in the game, including city structures, houses, caves, mission terminals, etc.) or trap other players.
o Using graphics intensive weaponry to duel in high traffic areas or pulling/storing broken vehicles in rapid succession.
o Organizing, holding, or participating in protests held in high traffic areas (such as busy Starports or other areas where many players normally gather).

• The RogueOne Team encourages the reporting of any and all exploits. You are required to immediately report and discontinue use of all discovered exploits or face disciplinary action listed below.

• A bug is defined as an unintended result of a game function that is unintentionally encountered and/or cannot be bypassed without altering the intended gameplay experience.

• Exploiting is defined as the commission of an action within the game to circumvent or alter the normal functions of said game.

• Hacking is defined as altering the client to perform functions outside of its normal operation, altering data transmitted between the client and server, or attempting to gain unauthorized access to RogueOne servers.

• Report all exploits to

• Offenders are required to immediately disclose all known information about the exploit. Failure to comply with this policy will result in an immediate action taken against their accounts. Punishment will be determent depending on the severity of the offense and willingness to disclose details of exploit by RogueOne Staff

• You may not submit excessive tickets to the bug ticket system. As RogueOne is still in Alpha, the staff are aware that numerous bugs are present. While we encourage users to submit tickets on all issues that they find, we are a small team. Users are highly encouraged to keep unanswered or open tickets to 10 or less until the game enters Beta testing. Excessive ticketing or spamming the ticket system with the intention of griefing the staff are subject to disciplinary actions. Please search our knowledge base before submitting a ticket to see if the issue has been addressed.

• Note: "Roleplaying" and "Testing the Server Stability" does not grant license to violate these rules. You may not operate a Player Association (Guild) that habitually violates these rules.

• Selling in game items for real money is a permanent ban offense, if during our investigation we find that the seller is part of a guild that guild will also be removed. This is not an offense that can be contested. This is your one and only warning on in game item selling for real money.

Do not promote or advertise other RogueOne or non-RogueOne Test Center.
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