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Hello Everyone,

We would like to get some people to hop over to the test center and test a few things for us.

Please Do the following before testing

- Please close your game and Update your launcher
- After updating, on your launcher choose "Server Select" and Choose "Test"
- if you do not have this option you need the new launcher go HERE Overwrite your old launcher in c:\swgRogueOne folder

What we need Tested:

Creature Handler

1. Tame the following babies:

Lantern Bird

2. We need you to train them as mounts when you are able and test:

- Walking Speed
- Gallop Speed
- Able to trade lvl 10's to non-ch
- Not able to trade lvl 11 and up to non-ch
- Teaching pets basic commands
- Riding the mounts with a weapon

Trophy Wall Mount Quest Part 1

1. Goto Lothal waypoint -2598 -1330 and do the quests.
2. We need you to test/verify the following:

- Ensure no typo's in quest language
- Ensure you get waypoint and mobs are there
- Ensure you get return waypoint to the quest giver
- Ensure you get credits and reward after talking to trainer
- Ensure you get next phase of the quests

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