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**As always close your game and update launcher!


Knight Trials - Part 1 - (Sidious/Savage)

- Must have 240 Skill points used
- Must be either a Rebel or Imperial on leave (No neutral players can enter into the trials)
- Must kneel at any shrine to start your journey! Shrine locations can be found HERE

- All player names have been removed from BH Terminals

Bounty Mission Payouts have been increased for:
- Jedi Journeyman Novice (300k)
- Jedi Journeyman Master (325k)
- Jedi Knight Novice (350k)
- Dark Jedi Knight Novice (350k)
- Jedi Knight Master (375k)
- Dark Jedi Knight Master (375k)

Warnings for Knight Trials

- WARNING Starting the Knight Trials will place you permanently on the BH Mission Terminals!
- WARNING Starting the Knight Trails will mark you OVERT
- WARNING IF YOU DROP OUT OF THE Trials we cannot grant back your progress. READ carefully your options at the Shrine!!!!

Jedi Fixes

- Adjusted Lightsaber Block to be in line with new Knight Trials
- Adjusted All Force Powers to do Light Saber Damage
- Adjusted Force Cost of Force powers to calculate the FC of the Lightsaber
- Adjusted Lightsaber must equipped when using ANY Jedi Ability.
- Jedi's can now talk to Force Sensitive Trainers and train!

Planet - (Savage/Sidious)

- Resource Spawns: Yes
- House Placement: Yes
- New POI's (not all POI's give badges)
- 2 New Bunkers (1 is hidden)

See pictures of Planet HERE

*Speical thank you to Takhomasak for creating this BEAUTIFUL Planet!

Hoth (not yet in game)

- Added in new objects for planet
- Added in new species and NPC's for Planet

Species - (Savage/Sidious)

We have added 14 new species to the Galaxy! Some can be made to look unique, others not so much. Although we have done our best to test every aspect of these new species, we may have missed something. If you find any issues please put in a bug report HERE With the word SPECIES in the subject line. Some species just cannot wear clothing (dug) or armor (dug), they look very odd lol.

Kel Dor

All Species can be viewed HERE

**Special Thank you to Halyn for teaching me how to create the Species and for having examples that were used to help create these. THANK YOU!

Species Fixes - (Savage/Sidious)

The following species currently are unable to have stats migrated (either at space station or from an ID). We have adjusted the default stats so the races can be played as combat or entertainer.


Guild Paintings - (Savage/Sidious)

Are now completed. Please contact Savage, Sidious or Corran to retrieve your paintings!!!

Misc Fixes - (Savage/Sidious)

- Fixed missing names for STAP Speeder
- Fixed Planetary Map and icons
- Fixed Bothans can now wear Crusader Armor Helmet
- Fixed Multiple typo's
- Fixed Planetary Bounty Missions on Taanab
- Added Planetary Bounty Missions on Lothal
- Fixed Mutated Kimogila not attacking
- Fixed Names on Lothal creatures

Patch Bug Fixes

- Must train Journeyman and above skills at the respected trainers only - Training other players after starting journeyman has been disabled.
- BH Mission Names have been fixed (see image above)
- BH Mission Payouts have been fixed - No more 0 Credit mission payouts
- Twi'lek's now can be stat migrated with increased Action Stats (Only for new Toons)
- Stats are now visible on all cloaks
- Nautolans are now able to stat migrate(Only for new Toons)
- Added Journeyman Stats for Polearm Sabers
- Fixed Lothal Spawns
- Fixed Lothal Spawns with "Lothal" in the resource name
- Fixed Nightsisters wrong appearance with certain armor being equipped
- Fixed SMC wrong appearance with certain armor being equipped
- Removed Sentinals from spawning when player enters in wrong area.
- Fixed Combat queue lag
- Fixed Macro Latency
- Adjusted Journeyman Investigation XP
- Adjusted Jedi XP rates
- Fixed Bug where Rori was not showing up on Travel location
- Interplanetary travel now enabled on Lothal
- Fixed Light Jedi Trial Giver
- Remove Ewoks and Dugs - Appearance issues that need to be fixed before we put them back in
- Fixed Scout Trooper Armor
- Fixed Nightsister Clothing
- Force Sensitive Trainers on Jedi Island HAVE BEEN REMOVED
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