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Seeing this was asked a little while ago figured I would just write it up.

Rules thread can be found here

Q: What's the main planet everyone is on?
A: Corellia - CNET to be exact

Q: Are there buffs there?
A: Yes you can get doc and ent buffs in CNET as well as other player cities.

Q: Do you have JTL?
A: No we do not currently have JTL

Q: Whats the ETA for Rogue One to get JTL?
A: No ETA at this time

Q: Whats the unlock system?
A: You will have to figure that out yourself or ask other players but don't ask the admin's as they will not tell you.

Q: Do you have any new species?
A: Yes you can view their information here

Q: Do you have NGE housing?
A: Yes

Q: Do you have NGE weapons?
A: Yes

Q: Will the admin give us stuff?
A: No if you want something you either make it, buy it, or loot it. The admins on this server do not give out anything.

As more FAQ's come in we will add them to this list.
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