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Hello All,

I know it's a little late in the year to put this out, but I figured now is as good as a time than any. Maybe it will help answer any questions you may have on where we are going? or maybe it's just cool information to have. At any rate here is what we got on the docket for the near future.

New Planet Additions

Planet with Tentative Release Dates
Mandalore - April 2016 **Completed 2 May 2016
Hoth - Early May 2016
Dromund Kaas - May 2016
Taanab - Early June 2016 **Completed 22 August 2016
Kashyyk - June 2016
Jakku - July 2016

Each Planet will come with quest lines, New Game Items (Armor, backpacks, weapons), new bunkers, mobs and much much more :)

MISC Items - No ETA (could be sooner, could be later :)

Global Group Invite
Jedi Trials
Jedi Items (sabers, robes, rings, crystals)
New Species

As always we will continue to fix items that need our attention. This is just a rough road map as to where we are headed. This will change overtime, but we will do our best to stay on schedule!

* Server Events will happen on a monthly basis and fall under no timeline.


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